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    Allison Primack

    An article in GCN reviewed a new software, called RoboForm, that can radically change the way you use your passwords.

    We are all briefed on password best practices – have different passwords for everything, include numbers and symbols, make them a certain length, etc. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets lazy, finds that one sweet password that fits all of the security qualifications, and uses it for multiple online accounts.

    Thanks to RoboForm, you can now have these unique, safe passwords and not have to remember a thing. How does it work?

    Whenever we went to a website and logged in with a username and password, RoboForm would ask if we wanted to save this information. While this is something we’ve come to expect from the browser, there were marked differences with what RoboForm did with the information.

    From that point on, this login (or “passcard” as RoboForm calls it) will show up in a drop-down menu on the toolbar. When we clicked a login that we weren’t already connected to, RoboForm would immediately open a new tab in the browser (or open the browser if it wasn’t already), go to that login’s URL, and log in automatically. We were pleased with this step above simply auto-completing the login form.

    Because of this, the only password you would ever have to remember is to your RoboForm account.

    What do you think of this software?

    Would you use it on your personal or work computer?

    Make your passwords hard to crack, easy to use

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