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    I wish I had a before and after image, but SBA launched a redesigned home page this past Tuesday.

    It looks great – a few quick thoughts on it:

    1 – First off, the prominent, rotating image with announcements and calls to action make for an attractive landing page and enables visitors to see key content quickly

    2 -The same is true for the box to the right – SBA controls the main tab with Featured Tasks, but users can see what the crowd finds important on the “Most Visited” tab.

    3 -Notice the SBA Direct box lower left that allows you to find local resources. Great stuff

    4 – My only critique (and this is a blanket critique for most government websites) is that while there are the social media icons, I would love to see more social, interactive elements on the website itself. I’m sure that’s in the works, though 😉

    Do you have any feedback for them?

    Great job, SBA web design team!

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