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    Telework is seen as one option to trim operating costs, eliminating the need for travel, and travel reimbursements. It’s been touted as a way to improve efficiency and morale, giving employees better opportunities to balance home and work life.

    But a recent survey, sponsored by HP, indicates that many Feds are dissatisfied with government telework progress, saying it is not improving fast enough.

    According to Christina Morrison, public-sector marketing manager at HP, she wasn’t surprised that government employees felt telework progress isn’t improving faster than it is. Since the Telework Enhancement Act was passed — to promote telework as a way for employees to better manage home and work life, to reduce costs and improve continuity of work operations — many agencies still haven’t completed comprehensive guidelines and policies for teleworking.

    Security also plays a big role in telework options. The story pointed to a lack of guidelines in place at many agencies, and a hesitation for many managers to allow their employees to telework.

    Does your agency allow you to telework? Are there specific guidelines for working remotely?

    Barriers to Telework Remain, Survey Finds

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