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    Allison Primack

    An article in GCN shares the secret for getting rid of those annoying smudges on our smartphones and tablets. The answer? Simple candle soot.

    What the researchers figured out is that the soot and residue associated with a burning candle is a perfect barrier to both water and oil. And it doesn’t affect the touch properties of most screens.

    Obviously, no one wants to dump candle soot on their device. But scientists are in the process of finding a residue to hold the soot together, and create a wax we can rub on our phones to pick up our finger oil.

    Would you apply a candle-soot wax on your cell phone to get rid of smudges?

    Do candles hold the cure for touch-screen smudges?

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    Candace Riddle

    Heck yeah!! That’s AWESOME…I also wonder if this would help those of us who have sweaty palms. I’ve yet to give into a touch screen because I admittedly have sweaty hands and the touch screen does not always pick up my touch. (OK embarrassing admission…but true).

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    Allison Primack

    Haha, it’s okay Candace, I think everyone has that problem from time to time đŸ™‚ I actually just recently got a touch screen phone (converted over from my Blackberry), and even though I’ve only had the phone for a month the smudges are already driving me nuts! I would be open to trying this out, as long as the soot doesn’t get on my face when I’m talking on the phone…that would be embarrassing!

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