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    David Reinbold

    According to an article over at NextGov, Verizon is the first firm to offer a high-level, certified online ID protection system for users of dot gov websites.

    The hope is that breaches of cyber security, like those involving the hacking of government officials’ e-mail accounts, will be nearly impossible to achieve.

    Until now, companies, including Google and Equifax, met the federal government’s criteria for offering websites only the lowest of four “levels of assurance” — Level 1, which simply confirms a username and password. Level 3 assurance, which Verizon now carries, requires checking a second piece of identifying data, such as a smart card containing personal information and biometric fingerprints.

    “We are the first and only identity provider that’s been certified at Level 1, 2 and 3,” Verizon’s chief identity strategist Tracy Hulver said.

    Are you excited about this announcement from Verizon? What is your agency or department website doing to stay ahead of the security curve?

    Verizon becomes first firm to offer certified online ID protection

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