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    Steve Ressler


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    Yesterday was the release of the 2010 Partnership for Public Service – Best places to Work results. Full results below

    What’s your take on the results?

    Some key points
    -Govies are more satisfied than ever
    -SEC and OMB went way down in satisfaction
    -NRC, GAO, FDIC, Smithsonian are all tops – note these are all smallish, specialized agencies

    A couple articles on the results:
    Washington Post article
    -Federal News Radio

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    Steve Ressler

    Cruising through the data.

    There is a big difference in size of large agencies – 600k folks in DOD vs 3200 in NRC.

    The highest rated truly big agencies (100k+) employees is DOJ.

    Actually kind of surprised SSA is so high..Wouldnt have guessed

    Wonder what Intelligence community went down this year while everyone went up. More pressures…nearing 10 year anniversary of 9/11 so some of mission critical buy-in may be down?

    From quick glance the ratings by under 40 aren’t changed that much. Looks like same people at top.

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    Terrence Hill

    No surprise that DHS is still near the bottom. Not much has changed since the last study.

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    I notice that the ranking of subcomponents of any particular agency varies widely. More attention needs to be paid to these subcomponents, rather than the ranking of the agency as a whole.

    Subcomponents within large agencies like HHS, Justice, and Labor range from below HUD to the top tier.

    The other thing I notice is that many of the subcomponents/agencies that administer grant programs serving low income populations rank relatively low. Thoughts about this?

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    Samichie K. Thomas

    Intelligence Community went to becasue they have so many problems with DCIPS their version of NSPS. They have created so much havoc with DCIPS, they have basically had employees with no pay increases for 2 -years no matter what the performance level.

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    Gary T Lefko

    2011 survey results out soon … we (U. S. Forest Service) have been in low 200 rankings past two years …. ouch! 🙁

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    Steve Ressler


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