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    Alicia Mazzara

    Today the White House introduced the Campaign to Cut Waste, a new initiative headed by Vice President Joe Biden to cut down on government inefficiency and increase accountability. In the following tongue-in-cheek video, President Obama outlines several plans to improve efficiency, including:

    • Eliminating paper copies of the Federal Register
    • Selling vacant government buildings
    • Deleting superfluous websites, including a page devoted to the Fiddlin’ Foresters, a quintet of string-playing forest rangers


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    Deborah Thompson

    Behavior begets behavior…. BEAUTY!

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    Stephanie Slade

    You go Obama!

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    Joe Flood

    Why is he picking on the Fiddlin’ Foresters? Perhaps he should start with his own trillion dollar boondoggles before going after web sites that cost a couple hundred bucks a year.

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    Heather Coleman

    Does anyone know if .mil websites will be targeted as well or simply just .gov websites?

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