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    Ari Herzog

    Despite my perception of blogs and discussion forums as separate entities, I observe many questions asked on one or the other without consistency.

    Thus, how do YOU perceive the difference if you use one or the other. This is a question beyond the confines of Govloop, so I’m curious if you think any standards need definitions or changing.

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    Sam Allgood

    I view blogs as an area for publishing information, whether it be an opinion, tips, or personal stories which allows for comments but not published for the purpose of getting comments.

    Forums on the other hand, IMO, are for requesting information … posting questions with the obvious purpose of getting responses.

    I believe the common usage within GovLoop blurs any difference between the two.

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    Daniel Bevarly

    My comment is taken from my response to Andrew Krzmarzick’s blog about GovLoop Community Engagement Guidelines – Your Feedback??

    “…I have thought this often about GovLoop members is the tendency post a blog to the forums and post a forum to the blogs. IMO, blogs represent POVs or are used to educate or inform. The forums are purely engagement or interactive where the intention is to solicit feedback and collaboration….”

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    Steve Ressler

    Good post Ari. I know it can be confusing so we are going to work to try to make it more clear.

    But IMHO:

    Blogs are for sharing ideas
    Discussions are for asking questions

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    Tom Vannoy

    Right on.

    Still learning it though.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Daniel Bevarly

    Just noticed another key difference between the two (blogs and forums) tonight. Call me slow, but I noticed that when posting a blog, all comments are intended to be for that blog post. Whereas, in the forums, you can post a general comment on the forum topic or post a response or comment specifically to someone else’s comment.

    For example, Scott Horvath posted a Blog, actually a question on the use of Twitter by a government agency today. He should have posted it as a Forum as there are some intereseting comments that warrant a response not jus to the Scott’s post. Unfortunately, you can only post a comment and not attach it to someone else’s.

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    First, Ari, this question should have been posted in the blogs section! Only kidding! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think Sam, Daniel, and Steve have spoken well to the distinction- blogs are for viewpoints, information, etc. while forum discussions should start with a question- or at the very least- a brief statement that starts a discussion.

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    Dick Davies

    Of course the feedback and collaboration that is the response in the forums is opinion, no?

    The more I think and read about this, the more I don’t understand.

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