GovLoop Cycling Jerseys, Cooking Aprons…and What Else Would You Like?

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    As you know, GovLoop loves swag. We have lanyards, buttons, stickers and t-shirts.

    A couple weeks ago, John Nelson in the Cycling Enthusiasts group donned the maillot jaune and led an effort to create a GovLoop cycling jersey:

    Then I just learned today that L P O’Neil in our Gov Gourmet Group created a GovLoop apron:

    So it got me thinking….what other kinds of GovLoop stuff would you wear if we created it?

    – Baseball caps?
    – Sweaters?
    – Golf bags?
    – Lawn chairs?
    I don’t know. Sky’s the limit…what would you want to see?
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    Patrick Quinn


    Messenger bags.

    Flash drives.

    And don’t overlook helicopters. I’m thisclose to talking KDOT into buying me a helicopter. A big black helicopter w/ cool red stripes, a really big laser and a cocktail cart. I need this even more than I need an iPhone. But there’s a chance we won’t be able to find the budget, so think about a GovLoop helicopter in white and gold w/ cool green stripes. And a really big laser. And a cocktail cart. Sign me up.

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    Heather Coleman

    Definitely baseball caps. Personally I would use a GovLoop mouse pad at work.

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    Amanda Blount

    LOL I just about died laughing while reading this! I volunteer to be the cocktail girl!

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    Amanda Blount

    I would love a Jersey! I wear jerseys all the time and green is a good color on me. 🙂

    Green sleeves, white body, and green and gold logo on the left or right chest.
    Hey, I think I will make one on a t-shirt site I know. (is it ok to use the logo on randum stuff?)

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