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    Pär Larsson


    Just found out about GovLoop a few days ago and was wondering how/if this place is anywhere near an effective use of time for job searching?

    So far it seems more about just socially networking gov’t employees and finding others in similar situations with similar professional interests, but I suppose that might depend on the proficiencies you have, what industry and career you’re looking at. At first glance this site also doesn’t seem to have quite reached the critical mass of so many gov’t employees using it that it’ll be as useful as LinkedIn or anywhere near as pervasive as facebook.

    Who am I?:

    Military/private security professional seeking intelligence/law enforcement/defense contractor employment pref. overseas. 2 degrees, 4 languages, 6 Ironmans, 10+ years in the Navy. Résumé available at or Google Docs at

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    Steve Ressler

    Hey Par – The core of GovLoop is government innovators sharing best practices to do their job better.

    GovLoop is good on a couple things for job search – check out our job section which has jobs uploaded by peers so you know they are better –

    Also it’s good for blogs/discussions about the process such as
    Getting a Government Job page

    You probably know already but if you are cleared I’d focus on some of the special cleared job sites and job event/fairs (clearancejobs, clearedjobs, techexpo)

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