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    Doris Tirone

    Here’s the challenge posed by fellow GovLooper, Deb Green:

    Let’s develop GovLoop’s “How To Guide” for Using Social Media at Work

    Here are a few Best Practice questions she’s offered to get the ball rolling:

    • How have you used collaborative or social media tools on your project?
    • How did it affect how your project ran?
    • What would you do differently?
    • When a wiki is created, how does it make the work process and product better?
    • When employees come to a community and talk about what they’re working on, how does the interaction with the community make that product better, tighter, and make the product come out faster?
    • How has your organization used e2.0 tools successfully?
    • What are the key pieces that need to be wrestled with up front in order to make such tools effective?
      What skills are needed in order to make the platform, and the program, work?

    What Best Practices can you share?
    Check out her blog!

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    Elliot Volkman

    Believe or not, but Govloop actually has some really awesome resources for social in the workplace already – These may be a good starting point

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