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    Steve Ressler

    In my consumer life, I’ve opted out of almost all paper. Bank statements, credit card statements…my whole life is digital.

    So I really hate when government sends me paper and I can’t opt out for digital format.

    It’s a waste of
    -Hurts our environment

    So thought I’d start a thread where people share their example of gov’t paper waste

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    Steve Ressler

    Board of elections form mailed to me as reminder..

    Send me an email instead please

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    Peter Sperry

    Digital works for most run of the mill communications but I always opt for paper if the information is critical (pay stubs, tax data etc). I know entirely too many people whose records have been lost and those who kept paper backups were able to rebuild them. Ask anyone whose military records went up in flames during the infamous St. Louis warehouse fire and they will tell you there is no substitute for maintaining your own personal paper copies of government records.

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    My agency made the decision to have our printers automatically print documents double-sided. If you wanted to print single-sided, you must go into your computer’s print properties to do so. Not sure why, but after 3 weeks they opted to discontinue this. I thought it was a great idea, and from the looks of our recycle dumpster, we’re throwing away a TON of single-sided documents (suspect their drafts, emails, etc). Don’t see anything wrong with having people “opt out of double-sided documents” – it’s not like they are doing away with the option altogether.

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    Steve Ressler

    I like that concept…not forcing people but changing the default

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