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    Lori Compas

    hey everybody

    i’m new to govloop so forgive me if this is out of line — but i’ll be in DC later this month and i’m wondering if any of you know of some restaurants / holesinthewall / whatever that have great food but aren’t too expensive. love indian food, mexican, thai, moroccan… anything but fast food 😉

    do you know of any places that are quinessential DC? local color is good! and at least for lunch, the closer to the capitol the better. for dinner anything goes…

    ~and does the capitol have a cafeteria that’s open to the public?

    thanks for any advice!

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    Steve Ressler

    five guys is the best. heritage india. juilas empanadas…

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    Melissa Naroski

    i would also check out the boards at for more recs!

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    Jeannie Layson

    Las Placitas, 8th St. SE

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    Shannon Rock

    I think this is a great question to ask here Lori-I want to hear the answers too! One restaurant that I think of as quinessentially DC (though I’m pretty new here) is Old Ebbitt Grill. It’s closer to the White House than the Captiol and I don’t know much about their lunch specials, but their sandwich prices are decent. Great atmosphere too.


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    Lori Compas

    thanks for your suggestions, everybody!
    can’t wait to try these out, along with whatever else people suggest over the next week or so 🙂

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    Earl F. Mathers

    There are lots of good ethnic places across the river in Arlington, especially off Wilson on the Orange Line. Best cuisine to promote a heart attack has to be Ben’s Chili Bowl. – from Earl, former long-time DC area resident

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    George Danilovics

    For Indian – Heritage on Connecticut. It’s just south of Dupont Circle. Hands down the best Indian in DC.

    Thai – Not close to capitol hill, but Rice on 14th Street NW is my favorite. Thaitanic on 14th is also very yummy.

    Around the capitol for lunch… La Loma on Mass Ave just NW of the capitol has amazing mexican (and yummy margaritas) But if you want the best Mexican, Lauriol Plaza on 18th near Dupont Circle is the place to be. The line and waits for tables start around 7pm every night. Of course the frozen margs are not to be missed!

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    George Danilovics

    Ah yes Ben’s… where only Bill Cosby and Barack Obama eat for free. I’ve had many a late night ventures to Ben’s for a half smoke. YUMMMMMY

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    Michael Rucki

    DC’s full of fantastic food… here are a few to consider:
    Delicious and reasonably-priced burgers at Good Stuff Eatery (3rd & Penn SE):
    Irish Channel Pub, good food (and beer of course) right near the Verizon Center (5th & H NW):
    Great chili & general hangout: Hard Times Cafe (though most are in MD or VA)

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    Alice M. Fisher

    Not Cheap. But, Quite Upscale, with a nice seat view of Capitol. Charlie Palmer Steak House
    101 Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001 (202) 547-8100 – (202) 547-8100. This one is my fave for upscale

    Asian Spice 717 M Street NW 202-589-0900
    US Senate Building
    House of Representatives

    Urban Spoon rates the following
    Taylor Gourmet
    La Lomita
    Jacobs Coffee House
    Taqueria Nacional
    Five Guys
    Tortilla Coast
    Bagels & Baguettes
    Mr. Henry’s Capitol Hill
    Sidamo Coffee & Tea

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    Sarah Jakson

    If you want to eat on Capitol Hill, on the House side, La Lomita Dos is good for Mexican and Young Chow for Chinese. Blocks from the House side is Eastern Market. The blueberry pancakes and other food in Eastern market is great. Around that area, Belga is great for brunch and Matchbox (pizza and sliders). These places should be within your minimal budget, but there are other options on 8th Street too.

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    Peggy Garvin

    For Lori and others,
    If you like Asian food and Northern Virginia, you’ll probably like economist Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide for the DC area — . Prepare yourself by reading his “General Remarks” section. Food is his focus; not atmosphere. He does not limit reviews to NoVa, but experience and economic analysis have shown him that the best ethnic food can be found in suburban strip malls.

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    AJ Marini

    Matchbox is one of my favorite restaurants in DC, and the Capitol Hill location is great. Also, Busboys & Poets is great. I’ve only been to the Shirlington one, but I know that there’s one downtown at 14&V too. If you’ve got a group of people, Buca di Beppos can be a lot of fun. Another vote for Julia’s Empanadas as well.

    Let us know where you end up trying, and what you think!

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    Lori Compas

    Thanks so much for your replies, everybody! We’re leaving tomorrow so maybe we’ll see you at one of these great places this week 🙂

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