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    John Moore

    I have been on GovLoop for a short time and have joined several groups, hoping to find that perfect group that fits what I am looking for (learning, discussion, engagement). With nearly 700 groups on GovLoop it would be great if I could have found the perfect group, still have not though.

    With that in mind, are there groups, or a single group, that you are particularly active in? What do you like about the group?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to continuing to discover more.


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    I like the OpenGov groups and the Government 2.0 Club. Twitterati is fun too..

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    Amanda Blount

    OK – I know you did not say you were looking for this, but “The break room” is where the fun and the game pools are.

    Geeks in Government – Yep, there are a group of us who enjoy comparing the borg to the stormtroopers. I love it as a way to relax the brain.

    Aquisition 2.0 is always active in something.

    Join a few, and you will eventually find something you like.

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    John Moore

    Wow, have a few to check out now, thanks. Keep those suggestions coming, this is very helpful.

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