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    Steve Ressler

    YGL is THE association for young feds. I co-founded the group and was on the board for a number of years and it is a great place to meet awesome people, have fun, and help your career. I highly suggested people apply…More details below.

    Want to expand your skill set and gain leadership experience? YGL
    needs your help!

    Executive Board

    Interested in gaining some leadership experience and getting more
    involved with YGL? Run for an Executive Board position! Executive
    Board Members serve as Committee Chairs. YGL will be accepting
    applications this summer for several Executive Board/Chair Positions.
    The following positions are available for the 2009-2010 Year:

    -Executive Director/Chief of Staff (Cos)
    -Administration Committee/Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
    -Communication Committee Chair/Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
    -Membership Committee/Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO)
    -Events Committee/Director of Program and Events (DPE)
    -Planning Committee/Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)
    -Information Technology Committee/Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    -Development Committee Chair/Chief Development Officer (CDO)
    -Finance Committee Chair/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Executive Board Members normally serve a minimum of 1 year and are
    elected by the current Executive Board in accordance with current
    Young Government Leaders National Constitution and By-Laws.

    Applications will be sent to interested YGL members the week of August
    3rd and are due back no later than August 12th. If you are interested
    in any of the opportunities below or have an idea of your own, please
    send your contact information via email to
    [email protected].

    Committee Members

    YGL committees are always looking for new members. If you are
    interested in assisting the YGL Board transform government become more
    than just a YGL member – Serve as a Committee Member for at least 1

    We have opportunities for everyone from the IT whiz to the Socialite.
    Consider donating a few hours a month of your time to help YGL become
    even more successful. Sign up today by sending your contact
    information via email to [email protected].

    See the Attached Description of Duties for More Information.

    Tim Sommella
    Vice President
    Young Government Leaders

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