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    Megan Dotson

    How do you feel about Groundhog Day? Did you know it is today (Feb 2); or could you care less?

    I have several friends who are very excited about this “holiday” to the point where we made a special trip to Punxsutawney last year to watch Phil, the Groundhog, see his shadow. After living most of my life in Florida the Groundhog’s prediction made little impact to the weather forecast or the emotions of people around me. Now that I am in D.C. and we are scheduled for snow today I can see where 6 more weeks of winter seems daunting.

    Though the prediction of the Groundhog is similar to Santa bringing presents or the tooth fairy leaving money under your pillow; I have seen several tweets today with rather negative emotions about 6 more weeks of winter per Phil the Groundhog.

    So what’s your take? Do you find Groundhog Day interesting, lame or you have never really given it much thought?

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    Mike Martinez

    I like Groundhog day (but not the 6 more weeks of winter). Its nice to see this tradition still being carried on. It represents our country’s lighter side.. ..not to mention, the movie by the same name was hilarious.

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    I like Groundhog Day…but not in the way you may be asking 😉

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    Never given it much thought, honestly. Not sure why the groundhog was picked over any other animal that hibernates (German tradition holds that if a hibernating animal sees its shadow) I say wake that bear up from inside his cave!

    Seriously though – considering the economic climate in this country, I hope spending for this year’s event was trimmed.

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    Kathleen Smith

    I love Groundhog Day – both the Holiday and the Movie! I grew up in California, so like you, a few more days of winter didn’t make much of a deal. It was actually good in California because it meant more additions to the snow pack which meant there would be water in the summer.

    When you look at it either way – the first day of Spring in March 21st which is roughly 6 -7 weeks after Groundhog Day, so you will get a few more weeks of Winter.

    Winter is not that bad as we all make it out to be. Most flora need a good chill to bring out the most in flowers and foliage. Winter does a good job of killing off the insects that make life miserable during the summer. Most of all Winter is a time to chill out and recharge our batteries just like nature does. Unfortunately we don’t know when to completely turn off.

    So go rent GroundHog Day and chill out.

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    Megan Dotson

    It is a hilarious movie!

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    AJ Malik

    In popular DC culture, “Groundhog Day” represents going through the current snow panic phenomena over and over until one spiritually transcends it.

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    Vince Golubic

    Groundhog day to me is a statement on the human condition: “to change the world we perceive, we must all change ourselves and how we interact with it” 🙂

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