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    Cool posting
    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through agreement with USDA

    Workforce & Youth Development Advisor
    Washington, DC

    The USDA is seeking a GS-301-13 Technical Project Specialist (Workforce
    & Youth Development Advisor). Area of Consideration: All Sources.
    You must be a U.S. citizen to apply for this position and be able to be
    security cleared for assignment. This position, Technical Project
    Specialist, is a USDA PASA permanently placed at USAID/Washington in
    the Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade, in the Office
    of Education.

    The incumbent will provide technical leadership and guidance for
    USAID-wide programming for workforce development and youth development.
    S/he will provide technical assistance to USAID Missions globally as
    well as to Washington-based operating units; conduct donor and partner
    coordination and outreach; manage field-support projects; support
    policy development; and draw upon and contribute to the evidence base
    for international workforce and youth development initiatives. Field
    service roles include writing assessments, strategies, program designs,
    and evaluations; advising Missions on development and management of
    workforce and youth programs; consulting with implementation partners/
    contractors; developing Agency policies and procedures; and
    interpreting policies and regulations for Missions. This position is
    based in the Education Sector but it requires close collaboration with
    officers in a variety of sectors, including Economic Growth, Democracy
    and Governance, and Health.

    REQUIRED SKILLS: Comprehensive knowledge and experience in youth
    education, workforce development, and/or a related social science area
    sufficient to develop and advise senior-level Agency Administrators on
    policies and programs for youth and workforce development activities,
    including innovations and new strategic directions. Knowledge of
    theories, concepts, principles, practice and current research in the
    development, implementation and management of youth and workforce
    development in development activities and programs world-wide. Deep
    understanding of positive youth development principles and practices,
    especially in international contexts.

    In-depth knowledge of at least one youth or workforce-related
    specialization, such as: agriculture/ rural development and youth;
    youth and security issues; youth civic education; HIV prevention and
    workforce development; etc. Knowledge of programming for conflict and
    post-conflict environments is desirable. Demonstrated track record in
    developing innovative, creative programs for youth and adults that aim
    for transformative effects on participants and communities.
    Demonstrated track record in managing for results and attention to the
    development of evidence base. Knowledge of USG, and preferably USAID
    development policies, priorities, strategic planning, project planning,
    budgeting and implementation procedures.

    Knowledge of U.S. legislation, policies and programs relating to
    international development, cooperation and assistance. Familiarity with
    financial management, USAID procurement regulations and proven ability
    to manage nationally awarded peer-reviewed grants, contracts and
    awards, including technical, budgetary and human resource management
    components. Experience in developing policies and procedures governing
    the development, management, administration, implementation, and
    evaluation of youth and workforce development programs at all levels.
    Ability to develop creative approaches to new or unfamiliar problems.
    Skills sufficient to provide advice and direction, orally and in
    written form, to a wide variety of professional leaders in the
    academic, public and private sectors, and governments both in the
    United States and throughout the developing world on initiatives that
    can effectively impact youth and workforce development.

    Skills sufficient to interact productively with individuals of diverse
    cultural, socio-economic and educational backgrounds. High level of
    proficiency in written communication in order to prepare and coach
    others in the preparation of reports and analytical documents as well
    as electronic media, training materials and evaluations. High level of
    proficiency in verbal communication and ability to serve as leader,
    facilitator and mobilizer. Proven ability to work independently in a
    cross-cultural environment under varied working conditions, (e.g.,
    tight time frames and schedule of events, diverse interest groups,
    stressful conditions, etc.) to manage program activities.

    USDA/ Foreign Agricultural Services has entered into an agreement with
    USAID’s pillar Bureau for Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade
    (EGAT), Office of Education, to support the Technical Project
    Specialist (Workforce & Youth Development Advisor). Under this
    agreement, human resources management functions are carried out by
    USDA, while all other work dimensions are managed by USAID, including
    the incumbent’s representation of USAID in all work activities. The
    incumbent must be a U.S. citizen and be able to secure a secret

    TO APPLY: please send a) a current resume and b) a supplemental
    statement that addresses individually your experience and
    qualifications in each of the Required Skill Areas listed above: N.B.
    Applications that do not include a supplemental statement addressing
    individually each of the required skills will not be considered.
    Program Officer: Evelyn Lorenzini, Mailing Address:
    USDA/FAS/OCBD/DRDAD/AMSD, 1400 Independence Ave. S.W., Room 3212-S,
    STOP 1033, Washington, D.C. 20250-1033 Telephone: (202) 690-2615, FAX:
    (202) 720-6364, E-Mail Address: [email protected]<

    mailto:[email protected]>. This notice expires close of business July 23, 2010.

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