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    Mary Davie

    Check out numerous job openings in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Ft. Worth and New York City. Open to non-feds as well as feds.

    Click on “Public”

    Announcement # 0900277TC03-DHA

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    Rich Mariner

    Your link is bad. :o) But I am interested.

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    I have copied and pasted the error message that I receive when I click on the bogus link. Can you please test the link next time before putting the link into production to assure accuracy and reliability when you solicit us? We don’t want to waste any time.

    I was interested because I am already an approving official for procurements and I love Philly.

    No problem, I have thought of a different approach to reading this vacancy number. I can just query the vacancy by announcement number on

    “ERRORS were encountered processing your request.

    There was an error processing your request, please try again.

    Please click the back button on your browser and correct the error(s).

    Questions, Comments or Feedback can be directed to [email protected]

    Thank for the opportunity.

    All the Best

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    Pattie Buel

    Try this one. Announcements are posted as All Sources and Merit Promotion

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    Mary Davie

    Sorry about that – I had tested and worked for me. I’ll correct on the main post.

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    Thank you.

    All The Best

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    Al Fullbright

    My father worked as a project manager many years ago, and he and I were appalled by the amount of outright corruption and excess costs added to government construction costs. I worked on many construction jobs and saw many of the same problems still plaguing the industry.

    Usually, the outright corruption is based on false material records and the extra material is spirited away. In actual practice the contractor’s allow for excess and have it figured into the cost of business. The outright corruption was harder to see, but the overuse of excessively expensive methods and materials is everywhere in government.

    Any two bids-One for the government, and one for a private sector job, will come back higher as a government bid. In addittion, the bookeepers and managers already know the limits to add-ons and cost overuns. I can remember getting orders to just “look busy, but we have to stay on site another week whether we do anything or not.” and once we let the BLM Inspector take home a pile of plywood rather than have him get mad. Dad said the guy must have a huge mansion with all the stuff he took home, but “don’t make him mad or he might make us redo something and cost the company far more in overtime.

    And so it goes with pens and tablets and computers and rolls of wire, etc. etc. The contractor’s are trying to squeeze every dollar, and the government doesn’t always know what its employees are doing. Every Contract is laden with loot.

    I wouldn’t mind being a building inspector – my health permitting. It takes people who have been close to this stuff to see what is going on. There is going to be a lot of hanky-panky with all the new contracts. The little costs add up and as one congressman said “a million here and a million there – pretty soon you are talking about real money.

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