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    Steve Ressler

    Happy holidays everyone!

    How are you enjoying your break? What are you up to?

    Me – Off to watch Avatar…chilling with the family.

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    Robert E. Selph

    Hi Steve. Good luck on the movie with the family. I am spending my Christmas alone with my doggie now after a great meal with my family at their residence and listening to Beethoven over youtube. I am reflecting this afternoon about what makes this a great country. We all come from many different backgrounds. We all have different dreams and goals.

    This past year has really been very difficult for the small contractor. Not very much money compared with the big contractors but, it has given me the time to increase my contracts certifications, and partner with some very major corporations. It has also given me the opportunity to discover this website. I post very little here, but I have recommended it to many people and many high level govt. execs. Steve, there was a very popular (now defunct) cartoon in the Richmond, VA newspaper called The Pluggers. We, either the government employees or the government employees who are now contractors are never concerned with politics. We just love our country very much and want to do the best for our country in every way. We Steve, are the pluggers. Service as a military person, as a government employee, as a contractor, or as a volunteer police, fireman, search and rescue.

    I will close for now and ask all of us to please remember those who are serving and are away from their loved ones on this special day.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    Robert Selph

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    Steve Ressler

    Thanks Robert. I like that term “the pluggers”…remembering those that serve.

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    Liz Dorland

    We are in Playa del Carmen, Mexico at the beach for XMAS week with our two 20-something kids. Went to Tulum and Cozumel for pyramids and snorkeling. Lovely!

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    steve davies

    Hi Steve R & All

    A brilliant movie for sure. Finally got round to watching Terminator Salvation – I’d missed it when it first came out. It got mixed reviews, but I thought it was well put together with some great acting.

    Other than that we are having a lovely time. Older son is in Melbourne with his girlfriend – which is kind of nice. And we have had pretty solid rain in Canberra over the past 36 hours.

    This afternoon it’s of to our local club to have a few beers and catch up with friends.

    All the best

    Steve D

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    Hi, Steve and all,
    I am very happy at home in Miami enjoying for the first time after 37 years my birthday and Christmas. On December 23, 1972 the day before Christmas eve I lost my only sister and three members of my family. I keep my sadness and pain all those years to help my mother cope with her pain. This year, I shared my sadness and pain with all my high school classmates and some close friends at work. I wrote an email and I typed all my feelings on it. I was crying while I was doing it. After that e-mail and the wonderful, powerful and supporting answers I received from all of them, I feel free. This is for me the first Christmas I have enjoyed. I played the piano and sang….it was amazing. Now I am watching the movie Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory with my children, my husband and my mom. Thanks Lord for this miracle! Thank you all of you for read it and allowed me to share something one day was a secret inside my heart. Have a great weekend!

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Spending time with family. Watching my 2-year old “niece” (2nd cousin-somehow-removed) scare my parents’ cats. Priceless.

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    Phil Bertolini

    We are home playing Beatles Rock Band as a family…very fun! Next we will be hitting the slopes.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

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    Lowell Atkinson

    it’s warm here in south carolina so i’m out millin around maybe hit up avatar since your just not cool unless you do all the best

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    Steve Ressler

    Wow. sounds amazing

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    Susan Womack

    That sounds so nice to watch a movie with the family. As for me, no time off work until after Christmas. It is the day after Christmas and yesterday was not a very good day for Officers working security at the airports. Security was heightened and my heart goes out to all those on that flight. I wish I could get this Ph.D. done so I could make some needed changes in our security policy. It takes time so I am going to write up a proposal and send it to headquarters in hopes it will be accepted. It is time to worry about passengers getting to their destination safely and stop worrying so much about passengers complaining going through the security measures. I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas.

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    Susan Womack

    That sounds so nice. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family as well.

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    Steve Ressler

    Martha – Such a powerful miracle and so happy to hear your story turn out in a positive way.

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    Mark Hartl

    I had a good Christmas and now I’m enjoying the great weather on this Sunday morning. I’ve also been doing a little job searching as well. Hopefully the new year will bring lots of new job opportunities!

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    Francie Grace

    Not acquainted with you yet, but privileged to hear your story and happy to hear that you are finally free to enjoy the holidays!

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    Steve Ressler

    Beatles Rock band…that sounds great.

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    Family from across the country (CA, IA, KY) gathered here in Durham. Opened envelope with gender of our first child on Christmas day (it’s a boy!). Celebrated a mini-baby shower with family and a couple friends on Saturday. Today was just relaxing and enjoyed one another’s company…May get to a museum for the niece and nephew Monday or Tuesday, then nursery prep rest of the week! These are the reasons why this is the most wonderful time of the year, eh? Savoring time with loved ones.

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    Annece Perry

    My Christmas Traditions are three days long, Get your coffee.
    On Christmas Eve I go to Mass and then over to friends for a fabulous seafood dinner. A neighbor collects wines from all over the world, so we do wine tasting as we track Santa on Norad. We had wine from Australia, France, Italy & Chile. When Santa crosses the Atlantic we video the children putting out the cookies for Santa & carrots for the reindeer. And then we all rush home to get to sleep before Santa gets to our homes.
    Christmas day is spent with my husbands family full of great food, basketball games & the annual pool tounament with my nephews. I’m “Just a Girl” but I am always in first or second place.
    And for the first day of Kwanza I am always in Philly with my best friends, Several years ago when the cost of college, bills, gas and life got to be difficult. We started a Potluck Dollar Store gift exchange party. There are about 20 of us, we all go to various Dollar Stores all year searching for the best 20 items, but it has to only cost $1. So everyone brings their dish and 20 gifts numbered one through twenty. When we arive we all take a number (one through twenty). By number we all take turns telling each other what we are thankful for this year and what we are looking forward to in the next year. Then we go get all the gifts with our number. It is really fun and you’d be surprised at the really kool things your get. This year my favorite gift is a book light. I ride a commutor bus into DC at 6:00 A. M. So the light will be great with my Kindle!
    Thanks for asking Steve, I think I really have a lot of great traditions to be thankful for.

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    Amedee Friestedt

    What break? Back in the office on December 28 – buses late, trains slow, office EMPTY. But Christmas was a wonderful time with friends and family and a modicum of gifts in keeping with the situation. God Bless Us Everyone! He IS the Reason for the Season!

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    Diana Alvey

    studying and creating virtual hikes so the treadmill mile(s) can be more enjoyable and perhaps get to promote our parks.

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    Kathleen Smith

    got out of town before the big snow hit the DC area to escape to a friends home in Maine! there is actually more snow in Virginia than there is here in Maine. Anyone – global warming? Just finished 10 days without computer or cell phone! what a nice break.

    hope everyone is having a great holiday break and is looking forward to an awesome 2010!

    Steve – thanks to you, Andy and the rest of the GovLoop team for a great community. Looking forward to more awesomeness in 2010!


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    Emi Whittle

    Thanks for posting – I like the term – indeed, as a small-ish contractor employee, I am (not to be too unhumble) plugging away dutifully in my job for the government – and knowing that my job will get cut first when the Shuttle program ends, and knowing that I am a “single point of failure” I stay and plug away at my job…. even though I sometimes feel like the “ugly step-child” as a contractor, and even though greener pastures may beckon. I stay, and plug away….. Thankfully my company allows wonderful flexibility and telecommuting options – so I can maximize my home life while remaining employed as long as the contract lasts….. 🙂 Plus, I feel good serving a vital function and knowing that I do it well…. for all of America!! 🙂

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    Saw a red fox in downtown Lake Mary, Fl on a chilly bike ride with the Seminole Cyclists – besides being with family – can’t get any better than that.

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    Jim Reed

    What break?

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    THIS is an awesome idea! Got more information?

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    Linda Seamore

    I’ve already watched Avatar with my family. The movie was just awesome! and I don’t often say that with Sci-fi movies. During the holidays I usually spent time with my Mom in the countryside, bring a lot of gifts for the little ones. Just enjoy the Holidays with the family, just as how it should be spent. Collections Etc.

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Just chilling with my family and enjoying the Christmas scenery. It’s a lot better for a change than the one-hour lunch break, where I’m just watching one to two shows on TV………The Steve Wilkos Show and Maury Povich and his “Who’s the Daddy” episodes.

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    Susan Womack

    I didn’t get to celebrate Christmas the way I wanted to, however I was in good company at work. I worked straight through the holidays and the one thing I noticed is, even with the ecomony as it is, people still don’t get it. I saw more people going to be with families but they were still complaining about not having money to buy gifts. Why is it people think Christmas is a time to worry about gifts? Isn’t it a time to celebrate the gift of love we received, being around loved ones, good food and good company?
    This is not a holiday that requires any gifts or money. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The very first gift that was given to us and it was free.

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    Lisa Pierson

    Catch up on stored TV shows, movies, sports and sipping wine.

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    Claudia Boyles

    you should have gone to Tasmania – unprecendented 12 days of sunshine. who would’ve thought?

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    Steve Ressler

    Wow…some great traditions!

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    David Dejewski

    Family vacation/ family reunion in Winter Park Colorado. It’s an annual tradition for us. We skied, rode snow mobiles, went tubing, dog sledding (those dogs can poop as they run!), ice skating, drank lots of hot chocolate, watched a Christmas Eve fireworks show, saw Santa, ate grandpa’s home made turkey soup, watched a few movies, slept hard every night, and generally enjoyed our time together.

    Happy holidays, everyone! Just a few days into 2010, I am looking forward to a great year & hope that you are too.

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