Has the threat of a shutdown affected your commitment to public service?

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    It seems that the constant talk could strain your resolve, or you could just ignore it. How has the possible shutdown situation affected you? What are you doing to cope?

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    Terrence Hill

    I just do the best that I can in my sphere of influence and try not to get caught up in the rhetoric surrounding our current budget crisis. We need to stay focused and strive to prove the naysayers wrong. My most challenging task is to be innovative and productive when management is mostly cautious and conservative.

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    Henry Brown

    Probably the in pushing me into scheduling my retirement.

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    Henry Brown

    sorry bout truncated entry…

    Probably the FINAL straw in “Forcing” me into scheduling my retirement

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    Peter Sperry

    It does not affect my commitment because I realize it is neather personal nor directed at me. It is an unfortunate part of the politcal process but a small price to pay for living in a democracy. I am sure the Chinese government will never shut down and the Libyan government seems able to remain open but I would not trade their system for ours.

    Government programs which provide real value to the taxpayers will survive a shutdown and prosper even in an environment of constrained resources. I happen to work for one such program, so I am confident the long term resolution of the budget debate will not hit me any harder than the economic downturn has impacted private sector workers. It will not be pleasent but we will survive and come out the other end stronger and more prosperous for having made the difficult choices necessary to live within our means and stop borrowing from our grandchildren.

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    Steve Ressler

    Any ideas when Henry? 2012?

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    Steve Ressler

    Was in UK last week where they’ve already gone through this – 40% layoffs and people having to recompete for their own jobs (often at lower pay). Folks were really demoralized and lots of folks were leaving for private sector

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    Steve Ressler

    Great comment from our FB GL page

    Karen wrote:
    “i don’t care anymore. would rather shut down and get it over with than deal with this every 2 weeks”

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    Bill Brantley

    “When in confusion, fear, or doubt

    Run in circles

    Scream and shout!”

    Actually I plan to keep on working my projects because I don’t believe a shutdown will last more than a few days.Open Government is too vital to let a few days of shutdown stop it.

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    Tarryn Reddy

    As someone who is about to graduate with a Masters in Public Policy, I’m definitely questioning if I should even be applying to jobs in government right now. I hate to speak for my peers but I think we are all worried about the hiring freezes after or before a shutdown. Are agencies even looking at resumes if they are waiting for a shutdown?

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    Jenyfer Johnson

    I’m an old-timer who has been through the past shutdowns so I am rather philosophical about the potential of this threat. If it happens, so be it…my family will deal (my husband and I are both civil service). If it doesn’t happen, I will continue to work. The commitment to my job is the same right up until I am told to go home, that is what I do, that is what I am committed to do and what I am paid to do.

    I can’t say I enjoy the feeling of “waiting for the other shoe to drop” while Congress and the President fight out this budget battle but that is what happens sometimes. Nothing I can do about it, so I try to spend my time worrying about the things that I can change/effect and HAVE to worry about. I’m too old and been working too long (27+ years) to let it get in the way of what I have to do!

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    Eric Erickson

    This is an interesting discussion – it hasn’t adversely impacted my commitment. If anything, it’s strengthened it.

    That said, even though I try not to let it negatively impact me, I know it is distracting. In fact, we have to plan out how we would alter our outreach directed to external audiences should a shutdown occur…this is time that would otherwise be spent on our regular workload. With no government shutdown, that was just wasted time.

    Surely other agencies are doing the same thing. I’ve seen many stories about how much a shutdown would cost once it happens…but I bet it costs even more when you add in the amount of time gov’t employees are spending preparing for it – not to mention having to ramp up when we return.

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    Marco Morales

    It’s sort of like playing a card-game of poker — you engage with the hand you’re dealt and then gamble on being dealt better cards in the interim, when you discard the weaker cards, so that your winning strategy improves. In the meantime, some us could sing along with Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”… You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away and know when to run, You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table, There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealing’s done…

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    To me the worst thing is feeling powerless. I would love it if they asked us to come up with ways to save money and thusly avert shutdown (e.g. we are short by X amount, come up with X amount in savings and we are clear). Separate decisions about program cuts from the reality that people’s livelihoods are threatened.

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    Henry Brown

    Will be no later than Dec of this year and if by some wild chance a buyout is offered could be a whole lot sooner!

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    Henry Brown

    From Celebrate Huntsville website
    Congressional budget quagmire claims NASA CTO

    The ongoing budget debacle in Congress has stymied the federal government. It has federal government employees looking over their shoulder for fear of furloughs in the event of government shutdown. It also has hurt government contractors and technology companies.

    Now…it’s claimed another victim, the CTO for IT of NASA, Chris Kemp.

    Prior to being named CTO of IT, Mr. Kemp was Chief Information Officer and Director of Strategic Business Development at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. His career before NASA included helping create Internet businesses such as Netran, Classmates.com, and Escapia.

    Mr. Kemp posted a letter announcing his resignation this week to his blog. His post claims that although it was a difficult decision that he was wrestling with over the course of a few months, it was what was best for him. In light of recent budget cuts, no solid mission from Congress and continuing resolutions providing no clarity on the future of the agency, the frustration apparently mounted.

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    Peter Sperry

    His letter indicates his decision was related more to the dificulties of trying to operate as CTO from a field office than anything else.

    “Deciding to leave NASA has not been easy, and is something I’ve been struggling with for the past few months. About a month ago, I mentioned to one of my mentors that “it’s a very difficult time to be an entrepreneur at NASA.” She responded “is it ever a good time to be an entrepreneur at NASA?” Reflecting on this, I realized that most of my accomplishments at NASA were not at Headquarters, but out in the field where I could roll up my sleeves and work on projects and get stuff done. Whereas I thought I had the best of both worlds being a Headquarters employee stationed in Silicon Valley, I actually had the worst of both worlds… no influence when I can’t be in all of those meetings at NASA HQ, with no mandate to manage projects at Ames. As budgets kept getting cut and continuing resolutions from Congress continued to make funding unavailable, I saw my vision for the future slowly slip further from my grasp.

    So, today, I am announcing that I am leaving the place I dreamed of working as a kid to find a garage in Palo Alto to do what I love.”

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