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    Tom Bullington

    Have you ever experienced a funny situation in your government job and said “Boy, I should really write this down”? Ever heard an elected official say something at a meeting or in the press that made you laugh (or cringe)?

    Government is serious business, but there are plenty of humorous stories out there. Please share (while protecting the names of the funny of course)…

    My favorite has to be the story about the mayor who became stuck in an elevator at City Hall while on his way to an important council meeting. The meeting went on without him, and they finally found him hours later – too late to vote. Needless to say, he was not happy about the situation!

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    Steve Ressler

    I’ve had some hilarious missteps where people used the wrong acronyms and ended up saying some pretty inappropriate words on accident.

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    Pam Broviak

    I have a funny mayor story:
    In a city where I used to work, many years ago, we had a problem with pigeons hanging out at city hall. One Saturday the mayor decided to come in and take care of the bird problem. He crawled through a second story window out onto the roof with his shotgun, and the window closed locking him out on the roof. Eventually the police discovered him or he managed to get their attention (can’t remember which) and they let him back in. Never did hear if he got rid of the birds.

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    Rebecca Gibson

    I was told by a citizen once that “for a government employee, you’re really nice”!!

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    Amanda Blount

    Similiar story – I was told once I could be mistaken for a civilian or a contract employee, because I was always there when I was needed. >>> HUH? If you see our office everyone is there when needed!

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    Thomas L. Watson

    I had a bad restless night and woke up feeling terrible. I really did not want to go work so I called my boss and when he answered , I said I wasn’t feeling good and wanted to take off on sick leave. He asked what was wrong and not having a good answer I blurted out I got, “Anal Glaucoma” ! With a very straight tone he said, “I hope you feel better tomorrow, c’ya.”.

    I laughed so hard and hoped that I did not have explain to him what my symptom really was, in that I could not see taking my butt to work that day!

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    Peter Sperry

    While working for a member of Congress in the mid 80s, I called a federal agency to ask why they were putting out guidance directly contradictory to statements the President had made in a speech two weeks before. The career executive responding informed me that “The administration does not support the President’s position on this issue.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but in the future we directed our inquiries a little further up the food chain.

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    D. A.

    I worked at a VA hospital in R&D… and was making a pot of coffee which was out in the hall… i put eggshells in the coffee grinds it to make it taste smoother… since they did research & development on chicken eggs the scientists thought they were being sabatoged and security was called… it created quite a stir.

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    Steve Ressler


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    Steve Ressler


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    Alan L. Greenberg

    My entire book, Confessions of a Government Man, is devoted to “funny happenings in high places in government.” Not wishing to blow my own horn, but some of the comments from readers were “hilarious,” “sitcom material,” “funny and true,” etc. It talks about dealing with presidents, congress, judges, media as well as hustlers, petty thieves and garden variety con-artists. For more information check my website, http://www.thegovernmentman.com and for a look inside check my Amazon.com listing.

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    Jane Hendron

    I was going through the airport and had my liquids in a plastic bag for inspection by TSA. But I only had a 1 gal. bag, not the 1/2 gal. size they required. The TSA agent dutifully told me my 1 gal. plastic bag was too big for the 3 small liquid items I was taking in my luggage. I asked if he had the proper sized one available and he said “yes” and provided one to me. I then asked him if he could dispose of the improper 1 gal. size bag. He told me I could keep it and take it with me. It struck me as the absolute definition of what people find nonsensical about govt.

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