Have Businesses Learned (Finally) to Ignore Washington?

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    David Dejewski

    Based on this article published in GlobeSt.com, an argument could be made that American business has had enough of government drama, is shrugging it off and moving forward. Despite an endless stream of bad fiscal decisions and uncertainty, businesses are doing okay – not great, maybe, but okay.

    Historically, uncertainty coming from the government has put many good businesses on the shelf. Investors tend to draw up their liquid cash when things look shaky. Money likes stability. It flows when business leaders can be certain of what will happen tomorrow – when they have confidence that the law is established (including the way businesses will be taxed and otherwise allowed to operate), and the government can support decisions made in Washington.

    For many years now, businesses have weathered a storm of what looks like nonsense: false premise for going to war, tax shenanigans, bailouts, bank failures, scandals, fiscal cliffs… the list is long. Each one of these activities spreads fear and uncertainty and sends private capital into hiding. Businesses tightened their belt, let staffs go, and battened down the hatches for the impending storm.

    Well… the storm is still coming. That much is certain. But the way businesses are dealing with it appears to be changing.

    Business is learning to filter out the noise. Business seems to be learning to tune out the drama inside the beltway and just get on with life. Business is not bad for everyone. The world will not end when politician X does something stupid or the government can’t get it’s act together.

    A guy contacted me from France last week. No kidding. He wants to buy real estate here in the US. I literally have 6 deals sitting on my desk waiting to be screened. While many Americans talk about furlough and fiscal cliffs, many more (to include foreigners) are talking about opportunity – about balance in the chaos – about the fact that the band will march on no matter what happens in Washington.

    What are your thoughts about what’s going on in Washington? Should we be stressing or pressing on?

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