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    Shannon Kennedy

    I love the map maker feature on ESRI’s ArcGIS website. It’s a great tool which allows anyone out there to create a map to share with the world. A user can create a map of their town, weather warnings, populations changes and more. There have been maps created to show the effects of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami as well as hazardous zones for potential earthquakes in the country as well.

    I myself was happy to discover this technology after the recent tornado tragedies in Alabama, a place I call home. Maps were created using this technology to show the extent of destruction in the South as well as where response efforts have been located.

    Have you used ESRI’s ArcGIS map maker? How could your agency/organization best utilize this feature?

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    Pamela Corey

    Can anyone register for the required ESRI global account?

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    Pam Broviak

    I think the site is great, but they do not allow use of the site for commercial purposes unless you pay a license fee. So for our organization, we cannot make use of it.

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    Billy Ted Smith

    I’ve got it but need to find time to use and master it..

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