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    Deb Green

    Almost 20 years ago, I lived through Hurricane Andrew. I was in high school at the time and remember how close our neighbors and community got because we had to get out of our houses to withstand the brutal August summer heat in Miami.

    This last weekend, we were hit with the ‘derecho’ storm – I’m still without water/power/phone at my place and on our second hotel dragging bags and our two (really awesome and patient!) young kids. Our kitties stayed behind and are cool in the 70 degree basement. Thankfully all of the trees our neighborhood lost damaged power and phone lines, not property or people. And every morning, there’s another community that forms in the hotel, on Facebook, or on the random elevator ride between strangers to share stories about how the storm’s affected them.

    So GovLoopers – Any other displaced heat refugees out there with interesting stories? Good pics to share?

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    Joe Flood

    Thank god for underground utilities is all I have to say. Lucky to have electricity in downtown DC! Seems like just about everyone I know in Arlington is without power. Anyway, here’s a picture I snapped during the height of the storm, when it looked like a monsoon was blowing outside.

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    Deb Green

    Nice pic! Love the colors.

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    Deb Green

    Here’s my fabulous downed power line and snapped pole – Don’t be jealous, 🙂

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