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    Steve Ressler

    I recently got the following email from a GovLooper that I’ve reposted anonymously with permission:

    “My job has been eliminated in state government education department, but because I am in the union (fair share only) I have bumping rights into a lateral position. This will put another person with a family out of a job which doesn’t set well with me. There isn’t any future in the agency I am with now and my skills and abilities have not been recognized here. My goal was to be in management with the state or federal government by now, but that has not happened here.

    I would like to take the furlough/unemployment option to get into a career that is more in line with my Master in Public Administration. I also have a Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. I am “older” and the economy is terrible.

    I really need some expert advice.”

    GovLoopers – any tips/suggestions?

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    Steve Ressler

    My thoughts:

    -I’d use your bumping rights. Applying cold on the furlough/unemployed sidelines sounds tough

    -I would do some informational interviews with folks in other offices and other state departments. Sounds like your biggest issue is trying to find out where you want to work and where there is cool work going on. For example, you can use a MPA in such a breadth of capacity, I’d try to focus on where want to be – is it more of a policy role, HR role, budget role? Where is the action going on / what offices are growing / what offices budgets are doing good in the tough time and try to situation yourself there

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    Terrence Hill

    I agree with Steve – even though you have qualms, I would use my bumping rights. That’s what they are there for.

    It would be helpful to know where you are, because the job market is very much a matter of location. If you were “younger” I would recommend a career in law enforcement.

    I would not limit my job search to just state and federal jobs. Look at local government, NGOs, non-profits, and other organizations. Many jobs and benefits (e.g. 401ks) are portable nowadays.

    If you are going back to school, look into the healthcare or cybersecurity fields.

    Good luck, but don’t feel guilty about “bumping” others. You earned the right to bump!

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