Help I’m Being Held Hostage By My Phone: What Are Your Tips for International Cell Service?

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    Candace Riddle

    I’m leaving for Kwangju, South Korea in about 30 days. I thought an iPhone 4s would be an excellent way to try to stay as connected as possible to my work. I planned on using Tango to video conference to home office.

    To my major disappointment, Verizon doesn’t have the greatest of coverage in South Korea (at least where I’m going). I can pay a small fee to have the ability to use my phone while I’m there at a rate of $1.50 a minute. I can also pay about $175 for a very small amount of data usage while I’m there (which wouldn’t be nearly enough to do something like video call).

    I’ve got work projects that depend on my access to the cloud, but I’m unsure how available wifi will be while I’m there.

    What are your experiences/ suggestions with cell phone service and international travel?

    Do you buy a phone when you get there? Do you take your own?

    How do you stay connected around the world?

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    Mary Yang

    The trip sounds like fun!

    I personally don’t use Verizon (or Sprint) specifically because their phones aren’t really well-equipped for global travel. AT&T and T-Mobile have better international coverage and more quad-band phones (almost all smartphones on these two carriers are quad-band GSM.) I’ve never had trouble using my T-Mo phone abroad (including more remote places like India.)

    But, since you can’t just hop carriers, you may be better off buying an international phone with a SIM card that will work in S. Korea. That’s usually the cheapest route. It may be harder to find an international smartphone with the same capabilities as your iPhone, though.

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    Candace Riddle

    Currently I have a blackberry with a removable sim card. I’m uncertain as to whether or not Korea is on GSM, but I’m assuming they are. Perhaps I could just buy a sim card for the blackberry when I get there?

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    Corey McCarren

    I’m guessing the trip is for vacation and not work (otherwise I would assume your office would pay for your phone)? Is it possible just to buy a new cheap Android phone while you’re there with like a monthly contract? I’ve only been to Ghana and we just used a cheap flip phone so I can’t give you advice from experience really.

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    Candace Riddle

    The trip is for work, but I’m still paying for my phone. ūüôĀ

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