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    Steve Ressler
    Are you a fed? In IT Profession? Help out the fine folks at ACT/IAC with their survey

    Do you want to help improve training and education for government
    professionals? Well, here is your opportunity!

    In coordination with the American Council for Technology/Industry Advisory
    Council (ACT/IAC), we invite you to participate in a survey on the current state
    of training within the Federal Government and are looking for areas to make

    The results of this survey will be used to improve the delivery, enhance the
    offerings, and broaden the scope of education and training programs offered to
    the government – with the ultimate goal of enhancing the career development and
    technical proficiency of you and your staff, the government professionals.

    To help us achieve this goal, we would appreciate you taking 10-15 minutes, out
    of your busy schedules, to complete a brief survey. Please note that all
    responses to the survey are confidential. To complete the survey, simply click
    on the link below. [1]

    Thank you for your time and enabling both GovLoop and ACT/IAC to help improve
    training and education for government professionals!

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    Jay A. Allen

    Thanks Steve!

    A couple of notes for folks regarding this survey:

    1. It does appear to be intended for Federal GS (or equivalent) employees only and,
    2. Only those in the IT industry (2200 series or similar).

    Now, having clarified this present ACT/IAC survey, I would like to take a moment to mention to folks that I have been talking with Andy K. about leveraging GovLoop as a platform for Instructional Designers (to include those who identify themselves as Instructional Systems Designers, Human Performance Technologists, etc.) to engage much how Mary Davie has rallied the acquisition workforce.

    I find there is a need for a broader conversation, especially with the advance of social media, virtual worlds, other technology finding their way into educating, training, and professionally developing the Federal workforce.

    At the ADL Initiative, we are embarking on an ambitious endeavor to create a new SCORM standard (I am rallying for it to be called “The Perfect SCORM” – a holdover from my USCG days) to be able to accommodate newer technologies and their use.

    We believe that ID/ISD/HPT needs to lead the way.

    If you want to be a part of the discussion, please reach me through GovLoop and I will be sure to include you in the conversation going forward!


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    Steve Ressler

    Good poing Jay..Added the Fed and 2200 to the front of post.

    Love the idea on ADL. Should we create a group or leverage an existing GovLoop grou?

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    Jay A. Allen

    Still debating, but the point would be to create a very focused discussion, so I am leaning towards a new Group with possible sub-Groups.

    Certainly folks from the existing e-Learning, e-Government, KM and HR Groups will likely want to take part, but I really want to be extremely strategic in the construction of the dialog so that it truly leads to business results.

    I have initial thoughts regarding structure, but will be fleshing those out over the coming weeks. Once I have the basis for a game plan, I would ask for your and Andy’s support in getting the word out to see if what the brainstorming has created is at all what people really need. We’ll go from there.


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