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    Susan Womack

    I transferred back to my home town two weeks ago; Crescent City only to find there is nothing here for the teens to do anymore. As a future leader myself, I feel I have a responsibility to the future generations to set something up for them. There is no teen center, no big brother/sister, no YMCA, or Boys and Girls Club of America. I cannot understand why nobody is trying to open up a center or create something for these young people to do so they will stay out of trouble. If anyone has any ideas of how to begin this process, please let me know. For now, I am going to contact the Chamber of Commerce, the Police Department, the High School and the state representative for this area.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Susan, sounds like a great start! Good luck!

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    Susan Womack

    Thank you Adriel.Do you have any ideas of how to get some funding for this type of thing?

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    Gerry La Londe-Berg

    Susan, you caught my attention when you mentioned Crescent City. I used to have an office there and appreciate how you want to develop the potential of the youth in your community. It’s a little cliché to say, but it is beautiful when the ocean and the sky inspire us. You sure have the inspiration there in northern Northern California.

    As to the teen center the first thought I had was the creation of a virtual teen center. You can build a structure and a resource on the web, then connect people. Based on your expertise and the distance communication technologies which youth are familiar with (could become familiar with) you could create a real resource by “starting where the client is”. You have to talk to young people in person: one-on-one, focus groups, high school groups, etc. You can also do survey via Surveymonkey to create a resource for young people and their parents will turn to see what’s happening.

    A second aspect of the creation of a virtual teen center is that you can link mentors with young people. As youth become interested you’ll see leaders emerge. Foster those leaders actual operation of the web virtual teen center and viola, you’ll have a community. I suggest you start a Google Wave because it is a widely accessible and supported emerging vehicle.

    Third you can develop a co-sponsorship with a non-profit so you’ll have a vehicle to solicit donations, acquire grants, etc. Also, partnership broadens the commitment of others who care about youth.

    The whole idea of a distance learning resource also comes to mind. You could see how the schools, home schoolers, colleges & universities, and emerging learning modalities might come together for the youth of Del Norte County and surrounding areas.

    Having done all this, the opportunity for a physical venue could be expected to evolve. See CHOPS in Santa Rosa for a really valuable model.

    Finally, and most important figure out a way to foster community, have fun, and give ownership to the participants. Young people will emerge as leaders if you give them a place to try out what they are learning.

    I’ll follow this and hope I can add to it as time goes along.

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    Susan Womack

    This is wonderful. I will start looking into this and talking to the local youths, youth groups, etc. and see what transpires. Oh, yes the ocean does something to inspire people. For me it’s not enough to be inspired, I want to make this happen. These kids over here are lost and getting in trouble and I can’t stand it. I feel it is not only mine but every adults job to make sure these kids get a fighting chance and have a place to be creative, get help, or whatever. This is really important to me.

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    Emi Whittle

    A young woman in Houston has done it: Her name is Valerie and if you contact her through the website, I’m sure she’d be happy to speak with you about how to get started! Best Wishes!

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    Susan Womack

    Thank you Emi.

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    Susan Womack

    It looks like I finally have a plan of action in place and have others to back up the plan. Now I have to present it to a city planner and go from there. I’m starting to get excited and think this is really going to happen.

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