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    David Dejewski

    Whoa there! One second…Let me explain.

    Obviously, there are three ways to finish the title sentence. Your Options are:

    1. Kiss me!” The relationship with your boss is awesome.
    2. Kiss my Another place!” The relationship with your boss is terrible.
    3. Kiss.. Ah Never Mind…” What relationship with your boss? You could take it or leave it.

    Please finish this sentence with the response that best matches the relationship you have with YOUR boss (you can also pick a previous boss if you prefer). Then tell us specifically what made you chose the way you did.

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    Let’s go win and kiss a championship ring. Define success. Go after it with tenacity. Celebrate the victory.

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    Kevin Lanahan

    …means “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” That means simple, clear communications, remembering the three #1 priority projects you gave yesterday, and keeping it consistent.

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