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    Tom Savoie

    Has anyone ever used HGAC Buy before? I member of my Chief Purchasing Officer’s Committee was asking about it. It is the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Cooperative Purchasing Contract. Please feel free to post your comments here or you can email me at [email protected].

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    Steve Ressler

    Just posted your question in the Acquisition 2.0 group here on govloop. I have not used HGAC buy…

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    Scott Kearby

    A few years back we bought a pipe-camera system (approx $ 50K) for Harford County DPW. I don’t recall if our procurement folks had ever used HGAC prior to this, but our purchase went without a hitch.

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    Tom –

    I used HGAC Buy many times over my career. There are several benefits of using thier services: (1) Thier purchasing process meets all of the State’s procurement laws which is especially important when buying items that would normally require you to go out for an RFP or RFQ, (2) They maintain a fairly extensive list of items, especially the big ticket ones like police cars, fire trucks and heavy equipment. (3) In some instances, they piggyback off of the State of Texas procurement system which assures a larger base of competitive bids. You still will need to obtain authorization from your city government officials via: ordinance or resolution, to make the purchase. This is largely done for financial purposes.

    I would also encourage you to signup with the State’s used equipment procurement system as well. They maintain a warehouse in Houston that is packed full of equipment stored from all state agencies (colleges, schools, etc) I’ve gotten many good items ( desks, chairs, file cabinets, shelving) over the years. It’s cheap, really cheap; and functional.

    Lastly, avail yourself to the military’s stockpile of equipment. I can’t remember the name of the system, but through the government you can go to their warehouses and storage lots and rummage through equipment that is often free. The only glitch to this system is that it is ‘take all’. In other words, if they have a box or pallet of 10 items and you only need 3, you have to take all 10. I’ve heard that cities, like Houston, rent 18-wheel trucks when they go down. We acquired a used military vehicle for high-water rescue purposes. It’s old, but they supplied us with the maintenance and repair manuals and we found a couple of senior citizens from WWII that knew how to work on it. Good community, public relations.

    Hope this is helpful.

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