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    As a current federal employee, I enjoy using OPM’s USAjobs website…until I realized that applicants exaggerate on their application packages. I know this because I was encouraged to do the same. So, while I would like the hiring process’s duration to be shortened, in regards to this process I desire quality, not quantity.

    To screen out those applicants who exaggerate on their applications, hiring managers can (1) evaluate on-the-job performance by hiring student career intern (SCEP or STEP) or term positions, (2) include a subject matter expert on the interview panel, and (3) include a paper exam in the interview process, and (4) use performance-based interviews to evaluate both knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the federal intern program, college students, current federal employees, private-sector experienced employees, or anyone can be hired as a student career intern. In my case, the agency’s budget didn’t provide funds for hiring another full-time employee, and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) was the workaround. The announcement that I applied to included the following clause: “The period of employment is two years. At that time, the intern may be hired for performing successfully or terminated for failure to perform.”

    Yes, I’m still working at the same agency who hired me as a SCEP, and I have been promoted three times. I have worked in the federal government for ten years with high-performing professional federal employees, but I have worked with poor performers. With furloughs, retirement incentives, possible RIFFs, and agency re-organizations, the risk of continuing to work with poor performers scares me. I came from the private sector where an employee could be fired for a single mistake, or poor performance.

    Please vote!

    [ ] SCEP or STEP

    [ ] term vacancy

    [ ] SME on interview panel

    [ ] PBI

    [ ] paper exam

    [ ] all of the above

    HR Professionals! How do you advise your hiring managers during the hiring process? What are your top 3 suggestions or processes?

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