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    Allison Primack
    UPDATE: GovLoop has released an official survey on this topic. Please take the survey here:
    How Are Government Employees Using LinkedIn?
    The recent Government Media Report briefing reported that government use of LinkedIn has almost doubled in the last year (from 18% to 35%). It is clear that usage has significantly increased, but I am wondering how govies use it?

    1. Connecting with known colleagues?
    2. Finding new people with similar backgrounds, same agency, same kind of work
    3. Finding new people for job networking?
    4. Using the groups to ask questions?
    5. Groups to position as thought leader?
    6. Just job hunting?
    Currently, I am mainly connecting with known colleagues and participate in groups. I also connect with others I interact with on the GovLoop LinkedIn group.

    How do you use LinkedIn?
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    Terrence Hill

    I am with you Allison. I use LinkedIn to stay in touch with colleagues and have joined a few discussion groups. However, because so few colleagues are on LinkedIn, I feel like we haven’t reached the tipping point yet with this social media. I use if strictly for business and professional networking (unlike Facebook which is strictly for personal use). One feature I really like is the Reading List. That is where I keep track of all the books that I want to read (I know – I’m a nerd).

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    Corey McCarren

    It’s definitely useful for job hunting and networking as well. It’s probably the best tool I’ve found on LinkedIn. It is simple to use and actually makes the process quicker and not more difficult like some other jobs sites I’ve found.

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    Lindsey Tepe

    I have found it to be useful in keeping in touch with old colleagues, especially old supervisors that I may need to contact as references. Given how frequently people are changing careers, it can be useful to have an alternate way to keep in touch.

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    Mark Hammer

    I don’t “use” the contact management side so much as agree to connect with people I know who request to connect. If it was possible to have an automated outgoing message that said “Great to hear from you, but I don’t really use this service, so please don’t take offense if I decline.” I would do that.

    Apart from that, there are two forums on LinkedIn that I participate in, one of which is basically a recent extension of a listserv I’ve been on for some 6-7 years.

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    Lisa Wilcox

    I am new to the Government Sector and I plan on using Linked In to network with other fellow government tech folks.



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    Samuel Lovett

    HR govies I’ve talked to at some agencies use LinkedIn for recruiting and getting in touch with qualified job seekers who fit open position qualifications.

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    Dave Uejio

    We totally do that^ LinkedIn is core to our recruiting strategy.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Hi Allison. I’m a big fan of LinkedIn and use it as an electronic Rolodex to keep in touch with and expand my network of professional contacts. I’m not an “open networker” per se, who has thousands of direct contacts because I believe the quality of one’s contacts supercede the quantity. Thus, I don’t connect with my dentist or dry cleaner, for example. However, that said, it’s best to have both quality and quantity. My 900 direct contacts yield a total network of 12 million users nationwide and globally, via second and third degree connections. That’s a lof of professionals to have access to, if and when needed.

    Thus, I would answer yes to: 1,2,4,5 — although 3 & 6 are definitely useful if one is recruiting or looking for a new job. I also manage an alumni group of former contributors and staffers from my beloved independent daily college student newspaper (“The Diamondback”) at U. Maryland. Moreover, I participate in several other groups within my fields of expertise and interests. While I haven’t done an official count, I would guess that only about 20% of my 900 direct (first degree) contacts either currently work in government, are contractors or former govies. If any fellow GovLoopers want to connect, check out my profile and send me an invite at as I’m always looking to beef up the quality/quantity of my professional network.

    Thanks for the great post, Allison, as well as for your examplary work on the LinkedIn GovLoop group.

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    Mark S. Kelley

    I have found it helps me keep and make relationships professionally, and at times I share what is happening at work or in life to keep people engaged. LinkedIn gives you the tools to connect to several layers in organizations and with help from a friend help land the Job, Sale or next contact. It also helps with your personal branding, if you don’t do it and keep it authentic it can hurt you as I see it.

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    Christine Hoffmann

    We just posted our first job on LinkedIn for a hard-to-fill, high-level, temp PT position, and found a qualified applicant within a week. We plan to use LinkedIn more often for targeted recruitments. – I’m in local govt.

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    Kurt Williams

    We (county gov) did start using it to get out info out from our economic development website. I created a company page for it and I send out a link for our quarterly economic news briefs.

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    Dick Davies

    LinkedIn is my primary people search engine. When someone contacts me, I look at their LinkedIn page before responding.

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    Danna MacKenzie

    Coming from small county government. Like others who have posted, I use it personally to keep connected with an active professional network. The professional updates I receive from LI are useful in many ways. Plus, you never know when you might need to draw on this network for a new job. When I run across an interesting speaker at a conference, or just meet someone at a meeting that I may want to follow up with, I look them up on LI.

    We also post job postings directly to LI, as well as include “Share” buttons on our website employment postings.

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    David Dejewski

    Last week, I posted a quick tip for job hunters. In it, I describe one way job seekers can use LinkedIn to help them move on to their next job.

    I’ve used it to keep a finger on what my connections are up to. I also use it to find out more about people I meet, am about to meet, or want to meet in the future.

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