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    I’m just curious to see how folks on GovLoop have already or are planning to provide assistance in Haiti. Maybe this is an official function of your job or maybe it’s simply a personal donation that you’ve made a $10 donation by texting “Haiti” to 90999. Whatever it is, it is needed and appreciated.

    As an aside, my wife was born in Port au Prince and lived in Haiti until she was six years old, so this catastrophe and the images we are seeing of the devastation are particularly difficult for us to watch. Thank you for anything and everything!

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    Steve Ressler

    I try to stay apolitical but my friend created this which is a great cause:

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    Deborah Rexon

    Our Methodist church is going to be making 1000 health kits to be shipped to Haiti.

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    Here’s a great post by Donna Quesinberry that outlines all the places where you can give (safely) to organizations working in Haiti.

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    Alice M. Fisher

    While some can do more than others.
    All I can do is pray. Please keep digging and looking for people 24/7!
    And, please do not give up searching.

    And, I shed tears for the incredible loss of life.

    I have served my country in the past and I served during our own crisis in 2005.
    But, this year being unemployed, all I can do is pray.
    I hope others are as well.

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    David Newsom

    In terms of supporting the response and recovery effort, lets hope that USAID and other agencies involved in the recovery effort take advantage of the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) regulation (15 CFR Part 700) to expedite deliveries of goods and services supporting the humanitarian efforts in Haiti. The DPAS could play an important role not simply in expediting humanitarian supplies now, but in expediting items, such as construction materials, to support the restoration of damaged critical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.

    Basically, the DPAS could be a useful tool in expediting reconstruction efforts once contracts are awarded in the weeks and months ahead. My only fear is that USAID and other USG agencies supporting the U.S. Government’s Reconstruction and Stabilization team that will be involved in placing such contracts will have no clue that this authority exists. Unfortunately, it was an under-utilized tool used during the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina and could have been used to expedite the construction of emergency shelters. The reason is simple, not many people knew about this authority.

    As part of the educational outreach effort, feel free to learn more about how to request DPAS assistance and visit the Department of Commerce DPAS program Web site at:

    Since FEMA would likely be the lead DPAS agency working with USAID to use the DPAS in helping to expedite the delivery of goods, services, construction materials to Haiti, folks should visit their DPAS program Web site as well:

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    Amy M. Blaida

    I decided to make a personal donation online to the Red Cross. It is so incrediby sad. I commend the employers who are matching dollar for dollar what their employees contribute to Haiti. I continue to pray for everyone in Haiti, and all families everywhere who have been affected.

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    Nakesha Kemp-Hirst

    By giving money to several charities, donations to the Haitian embassy in DC, blood and lots of prayers.

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Hey Andrew: Jeremy Long from FDA, I just made a monetary donation for the disaster in Haiti via the Clinton/Bush Disaster Relief Fund.

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Hi Allice, I’m Jeremy Long, a dockets manager with the FDA. If you’re looking for employment, have you ever considered the Federal Government? They’re hiring more than anybody during these tough economic times. Try searching in the USAJobs website.

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Hello Amy, I’m Jeremy Long, a dockets manager with the FDA. That’s a great thing you did. God bless you! Earlier today, I made a monetary donation online through the Clinton/Bush Disaster Relief Fund. Also, as a keyworker for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), I recommend donations through the CFC to help those who are in despirate need following the earthquake in Haiti. You can access the CFC online at

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Hi Nakesha, I’m Jeremy Long, a dockets manager with the FDA and also a keyworker for the Combined Federal Campaign. I recommend donating through the CFC. You can access the CFC online at I also made an online monetary donation through the Clinton/Bush Disaster Relief Fund. Keep on giving and praying! God Bless!

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    My kid’s school is having a fundraiser. I gave 1 large bill donation.

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    Wow – Jeremy. You rock. I love how you are responding so personally to everyone and providing really practical resources and links. Glad to have you on GovLoop.

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    Dustin Haisler

    We just launched as a way to collect ideas (through Open Innovation) and have them directed to the appropriate parties. Our motto, “Donate more than money; donate knowledge.”

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    Jeremy Michael Long

    Hello, I’m Jeremy Long, a dockets manager with the FDA. Last week, I donated $25 for relief in Haiti through the Clinton/Bush Disaster Relief Fund. I’m also a keyworker for the Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area (CFCNCA), which can be accessed through

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    Jeremy S. Alexander

    The Clinton Foundation
    Text the word “QUAKE” to 20222 to donate $10 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, charged to your cell phone bill.


    We gave money to these groups!

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    That’s awesome, Jeremy. (And it was great to talk with you last night!)

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    Annette M Super

    Our program office is putting together individual health kits. They have hand towel, wash cloth, toothbrush, nail file/clipper, bandaids, comb, bar of soap and $2.50 to go towards a bulk purchase of toothpaste and a flood bucket. Will let you know how many total once everyone drops theirs off. Cool note: local WalMart had empty shelves for several items. When I asked stock person if she had nail clippers, she asked if I was doing the kits for Haiti. Great problem to have, hm?

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    I think the response of US citizens has been really inspiring…as is illustrated by your Walmart experience. Keep us posted on your program’s activities!

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