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    More than a day off, November 11 is an opportunity to appreciate and remember the men and women who have worn the uniform.
    What are you planning to do this Thursday?
    How do you honor our veterans and soldiers on a more regular basis? How can we do more of it on GovLoop?
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    Steve Ressler

    Still looking for ways to honor those that serve. Minimally I hope to highlight those that serve and are on govloop

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    I’m escorting Wounded Warriors to a special reception and Capitals game for Military Appreciation Night where they’ll be recognized for their service throughout the game. I did the same last year through the USO and here’s a blog post about the special Wounded Warrior I met that night…

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    Emi Whittle

    By reminding my child that military service is important – whether or not we agree 100% of the time, those who sacrifice deserve nothing but respect and honor for their commitment to serving. period. 🙂

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    Steve Ressler

    Great point emi

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    Amedee Friestedt

    I went to work as usual with a flag in my jacket lapel holding down the fort, so to speak. Don’t forget what these veterans we celebrate were fighting for – the protection of our liberty as one nation under God. God Bless you.

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    Sylvia Ruth Wulf

    I plan to attend a program at a local school. I have also sent out an email to a wide distribution with a link to a video honoring our military servicemen. The email has a reminder to carry through to Thanksgiving with prayers for those who won’t be gathered around family tables because they serve away from home. tonight I am celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday at an American Legion Club, with cake and a program. I served with the Marine Corps during the Vietnam Era. Semper Fi!

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    Sherry L. Weir

    A group of us are meeting this afternoon at Jackson’s in Reston Town Center @ 4:00 to toast those of us who remain and those of us who have been lost.

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    Melinda Malico

    I am going to visit my father, a World War II Veteran, in his nursing home. He’s one of the few left

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    Tracy Lynn Freedman

    I always make a few special phone calls/house calls to heroes close to me and thank them for their service. Some times it’s the hardest to show your appreciation to those closest to you, but it means the most. Of course, I’ll send nice messages of thanks over social networks, but making it personal and direct whenever possible has the most impact in my opinion.

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    Susan Houde-Walter

    To Sherry: Hats off to you.

    We all have to work today, so…we are holding a little celebration at lunch, with little American flags on toothpicks in our ice cream. Yesterday we celebrated the USMC’s 234th. Many of our employees and many more of our customers are either reserves, vets or active duty. Our company was founded to support them. We express our appreciation on a daily basis with support of their field needs and other services on their return. God bless them.

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    Tracy Lynn Freedman

    Washington, DC area residents: If you have off work today and want to do something special, check out these events…

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    Mark Hartl

    I’m spending time with my father who is a WWII and Vietnam veteran.

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    Craig Newmark

    well, letting people know about real stuff going on to help vets, via and the VA, and helping both be more effective. the deal is persistence.

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    We switched out the masthead of our website with an American flag ( and our City will be holding our Veterans Day Parade this Saturday in downtown Orlando.

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    John Dickinson

    Called my 92 year old Dad this morning… thanked him for his service… Army pilot stationed in India – flying supplies “over the hump”… (Himalayan mountains) into China during WW II ( what in the world did China have to do with WWII is a study for another day..). What an awesome generation!

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    Kathleen Smith

    Being a veteran (Marine) owned company, ClearedJobs.Net has quite a few things planned today, after a very busy Marine Corps 234th Birthday bash yesterday.

    We have learned over the years, that a simple thank you and acknowledgment of a veterans’ service is what is most welcome. Big fanfare doesn’t seem to sit well with veterans who remember their sacrifice and the sacrifice their families endured while they served. Veterans also remember those that they lost and those that are still in harm’s way. I find it more respectful to take a moment to try to understand the price a veteran has paid for our freedom and say a heartfelt “thank you for your service”.

    As a company we are getting our riding team ready to head out to California to ride and volunteer for the Wounded Warrior EOD Bike ride from Camarillo to Pt. Mugu. The ride will be 200 miles and the riders will include veterans and active military along with 10 wounded warriors who will be riding.

    My day will be spent honoring those in our community who are veterans on Twitter – many who are overseas=- and reaching out to others in the milblogging community.

    Finally my day started by making a nice breakfast for my husband, a veteran. We met in the Haight Ashbury 15 years ago and he has taught this California girl many things about the military and veterans. I am very thankful for him and what he has taught me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

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    Eric R. Payne

    Can you share the link here?

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    Sherry L. Weir

    Thanks Susan – plenty of birthday wishes were passed around yesterday. It was good to hear Semper-Fi and Happy Birthday Marine from so many friends and collegues.

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    Sherry L. Weir

    Not only a pround American but an honorable child. People like you ensure that veterans and active duty service members are never forgotten.

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    Not to mix too much church and state here, but spending some time in prayer today…Scripture passages of battle and bravery…expressing thanks for sacrifice and courage.

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    I won`t be out this year honoring any one. Because our goverment betrayed the US verterans, with a slap in the face, They got their cola along with the miltary, But all the vertans got is a slap.

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    Daniel Riley

    I’m honoring the life, service and bravery of our veterans one frame at a time!

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    Wiliam McIntosh

    I posted this picture and newspaper clipping of my father on Facebook. His division made 11 contested landings. That amounts to 11 D-Days!

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    Emi Whittle

    My grand-uncle was a proud part of the fighting 442nd – despite discrimination at home and abroad, he and other Japanese-Americans fought for the freedoms of all. 🙂

    When I was a little girl, my grandparents took us to a traveling history display about WWII Japanese-Americans – and there was a huge picture on a wall of soldiers – my mother said “That is Uncle”… and I could only think “Wow (sincere tone).” As an adult, I respect, admire, and honor…. but I still think “wow” (even more sincere tone) too… 🙂

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    Kathleen Smith

    Sending out this photo to our veterans!

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    D. Kay Johnson

    I’ve been cleaning house and listening to the Diane Rehm radio program on NPR – America’s Wars Observed
    Guest host: Susan Page. Many discharged servicemen and women are finding no jobs like many that never left. It brings up questions. With the US medical staff shortage – why aren’t soldiers deployed in the medical corps not allowed to get quick certification for jobs at home? Homelessness of vets and their families are on the rise. Suicide rate of vets is also high. Seems like we all have to do more for our returning vets. They deserve to be treated like heros that they are.

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    Robin Gardner

    I attended the Falls Church City Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Community Center. I had the opportunity to speak and was honored to do so. I hope that folks take the opportunity to thank the veterans they know (and even those that they don’t know) and remember all those who have died for their country.

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    kristin wolff

    I just emailed this to my colleagues, partners, and some Vets I know. Thought some folks here might like it too.


    Happy Veterans Day. I wanted to share this project both as an example of something great itself, and for its broader example of reimagining work and learning, and connecting communities.

    By day, Jonathon Wei works in the Admissions Office at the University of Oregon, with specific responsibilities for adult learners. By night, he is a writer and artist.

    He noticed that returning Vets on the U of O campus (Eugene, OR) were having a hard time connecting with each other and with the campus and broader community.

    One day, he hooked a video camera up and asked Vets to talk about their experiences.

    He used this material to write a play.

    The Telling Project was born.

    Now Vets tell their own stories on stage – the intent is to help Vets reach each other and their communities in a meaningful and accelerated way.

    Today, they are performing in Washington, DC. Michelle Obama will be in the audience.

    While the notoriety is nice, they are still very clear that the point of the project is Vets and communities.

    This is not just a nice project.

    It’s skill building (communications, art, performance, team-building)
    It’s one person making a difference (Jonathon did not have to act)
    It’s education outside the classroom (driven by an admissions officer) for Vets, students, the Eugene community
    It’s fluid, flexible job descriptions (Jonathon was able to make a new job inside his organization, one of the Vets – a Vietnam vet – now has a new career)
    It’s a community stepping up and learning about its own members, their histories, and using this experience to inform future decisions
    It’s a whole-person approach to connecting people with work (not just matching skills with demand)

    For those in our nation’s capitol today, should you see Jeffrey, or any of the cast/crew (Shane Addis, Lemuel Charley, Shirley Cortez, Brian Friend, Jeremiah Washburn, Elyse Fenton, or John Schmor), tell them we’re rooting for them. And given them a salute.

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    Deidra McGee

    On Nov. 10th, I watched the Ft. Hood Memorial on the web and was inspired by President Obama’s speech. On Nov. 11th, I paid respect to my father at his gravesite in Pennsylvania. A native Missourian, stationed out of Ft. Meade, Md, who served in the Phillipines. A Sergeant and World War II Veteran. He died Nov 9, 2009 which was 9 years ago and two days before Veterans’ Day. I love you Dad and miss you !! Later that evening, I watched the HGTV show dedicated to renovating homes for displaced and homeless veterans….it was so inspiring !!

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    William Elmore

    I was asked and agreed to appear on Bloomberg News to promote availability of small business assistance for veterans, service-disabled veterans, Reserve component members and their families.

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    Jasmine Lim

    Almost every governmental office in NJ is closed on Veterans Day, however, schools are open. We have an official ceremony at Veterans Park which is sponsored by the VFWs and the Township. Every 3rd grader from the 10 public schools and 1 parochial schools are bussed in & provided with flags and perform 2 songs. This year the middle school band also performed. Having the school children also brings many parents. The veterans and others love having the school children there. This year the ceremony was so well attended that we needed to use overflow parking on an adjacent property. The only reason I can think of is that more residents came out because of the Ft. Hood tragedy.

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    Even though this is a day late, record his voice and, if he is able, his experiences. There are some great stories out there that should be preserved.

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    Bruce Bixby

    This time around, I spent the day with my two boys. Both my wife and I are Air Force Veterans. She unfortunately had to work (responsibilities of working in a hospital). So I shared time and stories with my guys and enjoyed playing on the floor with them for marathon Lego, Lincoln Log and car sessions, weaving in Vetern and service lessons. I hope it did them some good… and me too.

    Let’s work at this every day. Blessings

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    Cynthia Burke

    Call the ones you know and wish them a Happy Veterans Day.

    For other days, recognize the days when the various branches were formed (Army, Navy, Marines, etc.). Call the veterans that you know; [place a special banner on the GovLoop homepage; post a blog message or tweet on the days when the branches were formed.

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    Susan Houde-Walter

    Good point, Cynthia. To make it easy for everyone, here are the formation dates for the services:

    Army 14 June 1775
    Navy 13 October 1775
    Marine Corps 10 November 1775
    Air Force 17 September 1947
    Coast Guard 04 August 1790
    National Guard 16 December 1636

    Best Wishes, All.

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    Rebecca Moore

    As the granddaughter of a WWII vet, I thought it was only fitting to volunteer as an Honor Flight greeter for WWII vets at Dulles Airport. (They also fly into Reagan and BWI.) Honor flight “transports our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. Top priority is given to the senior veterans – World War II survivors, along with those other veterans who may be terminally ill.”

    As the weather will be changing soon, honor flight will be wrapping up 2009 flights this week. They will start again in the Spring. I plan on volunteering for as many of these as I can, as I believe I get as much out of it as our veterans do and I know my grandfather would be proud!

    God Bless America, those that have served our country, and those that continue to serve our country!

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    Christina Thoresen

    Last week I participated in a USO Care Package day on Nov 9th assembling 5000 care packages and then I spent Veteran’s Day getting ready with the USO to host 50 Wounded Warriors and thier guests for a pre-game reception and then taking them to the Washington Captials on November 11th. We’ve got a number of things we’re doing in November and in December as part of the Microsoft A Salute to Our Troops program including a buyout of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular where Microsoft is donating 8200 tickets to the USO to give to the troops and thier families (If you are interested in learning more about how services members and their families can get tickets, info at It’s great to work for a company that does great things like this, and I feel so fortunate that I get to be a part of these special programs and give back to this amazing community that gives so much!

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    Lisa Fleming

    Last year we put an exhibit in the gallery space of our building with items related to military service through the county’s history. We put out a request in the employee e-newsletter for photos of employees and their families (past and present) serving in the military and received hundreds. We made copies of all the photos and stapled them to the wall in a collage, about 4 feet high and 80 feet long. It got quite a bit of attention — everyone looking for their relatives and pointing them out to others. Just the sheer size of it, with pix from the Civil War to Iraq and Afghanistan, really caught people’s attention.

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    Lisa Fleming
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    Carol Davison

    Tuesday November 10 I told my co-workers that it wasn’t to early to hug a veteran and accepted a few, thanked “100” residents of the Armed Forces retirement home for their service, and hugged some of them. (To a 91 year old, my 49 year old body is still a hottie. Either their eyesight is diminished or I am delusional.) I also asked my Bible study to write and send cookies to our soldiers in Afghanistan. On Veterans day, fur kid and I visited the memorial of one of “my Sunday School chidren” who was killed in Iraq and told him that we remembered him and cried, thinking I didn’t raise him for this. We’ve got to work on building a more peaceful world.

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    Sam Allgood

    Carol, I noticed your Christian/Bible background and want to invite you to a new group I created recently, Christians in Government

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    Steve Ressler

    Trying to help a military family in need find care for the child.

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    Stephen Peteritas

    I know this isn’t much better there’s a facebook feature that allows you to fly a flag today over your profile.

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    Steve Ressler

    Got this from a GovLooper in Iraq

    On 11 November we celebrate Veteran’s Day. This holiday
    stems from World War I. An armistice or temporary cessation of hostilities,
    between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour
    of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11,
    1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” In
    November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first
    commemoration of Armistice Day. Armistice Day was primarily set aside to
    honor veterans of World War I. Unfortunately, World War I was not the “war
    to end all wars,” and in 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, the
    83rd Congress amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word “Armistice”
    and inserting the word “Veterans.” Today, Veterans Day is a celebration to
    honor America’s Veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and
    willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. With our Soldiers,
    Sailors, Marines, and Airmen deployed around the world, answering their
    Nation’s call, this Veterans Day has great significance for many of us. If
    you should find yourself in the company of one of our great heroes this
    Veterans Day, I urge you to thank them for their service.”

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    Jane Maliszewski

    I made a contribution to the VET Foundation (, a non-profit that provides a wonderful training and mentoring program for wounded warriors exiting the military. The program focuses on life balance, continuing the commitment to ‘support and defend’ by re-orienting your passion, and coaching on resume, networking, and interviewing skills. It is a very powerful program!

    I have volunteered with the VET Foundation as a team leader and coach for two of their recent sessions; my way of ‘paying forward’ for a fantastic 27-year Army career. It is amazing to see the transformation in these young men and women over the course of five days. Many of them feel abandoned by the service they love because they are left to languish in transition programs going through therapy and waiting for the paperwork trail to catch up and approve their release… and then what? This program gives them self-confidence and a plan for life.

    The money the foundation raises goes to cover the costs of hosting the service members at a mountain camp for the week; all the rest–instructors, coaches–all volunteers.

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    Steve Ressler

    I love this thread and thought I’d continue this one instead of start a new one.

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    Michael Stevens

    Going to thank my dad for his service in Vietnam with a call from his grandkids.

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    Stephen Watson

    American Corporate Partners is a cool program that helps veterans transition to private sector employment after their service to our country. Check out their website to see how you can volunteer.

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    David Dean

    I worked on appeals to MSPB concerning the failure of federal officials to hire veterans.

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