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    On next Wednesday, October 24, I am looking forward to participating in ASTD’s Government Workforce: Learning Innovations conference at the Newseum in Washington, DC. One of the big reasons for my enthusiasm is that they have dedicated a track to the presidential transition, and I am curious to learn how agencies are preparing for it.

    If our incumbent President remains in office, there are a solid number of appointees from his first term that will move on to new opportunities. If we elect a new Commander in Chief, that number obviously skyrockets. It’s also likely that, regardless of the election outcome, there are a number of government folks who just don’t want to stick around for the changes that come with a shifting Administration, especially if there is a change in parties.

    A couple of the topics that we’ll cover at the event next week include:

    • How do agencies educate staff about working through a transition?
    • Is it a one-size-fits-all approach or do we need to provide differing levels of education based on a person’s government tenure?
    • How can agencies help each other to share resources and training?

    In light of this being top of mind for a lot of us, I’d like to pose a few questions to you:

    • How is your agency preparing for the transition?
    • How would you like them to help you get through it?
    • What has worked in the past?

    If you’re a learning professional, I’d invite you to attend the event. You can learn more here or click the register button to the right.

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