How Are You Using LinkedIn for Your Government Recruitment Activities?

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    I’ve been having some conversations with government recruiters lately to learn about the tools they use for identifying and snagging top-notch talent. I keep hearing the same thing:

    “LinkedIn is the best by far.”

    In fact, someone was so excited about LinkedIn’s recruitment tools that she suggested we do a screen share and gave me a quick demo of Recruiter‘s capabilities. From being able to search the entire database of LinkedIn membership to tagging people for follow-up to sharing profiles with hiring managers, it seemed like a pretty robust solution.

    But it also seemed like a solution for someone who was being pretty proactive about their search process…so I’m guessing you use it in one of two ways:

    1) Passive: You post your vacancies there and maybe you run some ads, but mostly you are waiting for candidates to come to you.

    2) Active: You are somewhat aggressively searching for candidates to fill open positions – and that could include everything from keyword searches to purchasing and using a tool like Recruiter to reach out to good fits.

    How are you using LinkedIn to find talent?

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    Dave Shaut

    I’ve been having the same sorts of conversations, so I started a LinkedIn group as a resource:

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