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    Steve Ressler

    So I’m in a seminar today and the question the speaker says that all agencies, organizations, and companies need to ask their clients/members is:

    How can we be more awesome to help you?
    On GovLoop, I’d love to hear ideas on how govloop could help you more. What would be awesome?
    For example – maybe it’s
    -I’d love better best practice research on topic X
    -I’d love more guidance on how to do my job better
    -I’d love a better way to find people like me on GovLoop
    -I’d love to connect with my GovLoop friends in-person
    YOU? What’s your thoughts?
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    Gov 2.0 Radio

    Two BIG issues I see as roadblocks to more awesomeness. Overcome them, I think the community will blossom.

    1) When you sign up, you fill out a profile but cannot add a photo. I for one was always loathe to put in a friend request to a default avatar, which I always figured meant someone was so uncommitted they didn’t care about that step. But it being a second step, it means people are going to get ignored in general unless and until they complete it. Combine adding a photo with the rest of the profile, you cut down on spammy sign-ups, and increase engagement in one blow.

    2) The new user greetings are too generic to entice people into engagement. I know that they are time consuming, but a friend request or a note about something in someone’s profile is going to make someone more likely to engage than a generic cut and paste list. Believe me, I know this is a real resource issue. However, I would bet that even if community leaders can do that for one in five, you will see engagement increase.

    Engagement is your ROI, you want the community, and not GL staff, generating 90+ percent of your content.


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    I would like too see more state and city workers on GovLoop, right now the site seems dominated by Feds. (I admit, I need to do a better job of recruitment too)

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    Justin Mosebach

    The search functionality: make it sortable by most comments, most recent post, etc. And when you do a search for a city name, keep all of the people who have that city listed at the top of the results page.

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    Chris Bennett

    An Activity Stream may garner more frequent visits from users. In Facebook fashion, it would be cool to see a stream of what my friends commented/posted, activity in groups, etc. I don’t look at the Latest Activity column much because most of the time I don’t know who the people are, don’t belong to the groups mentioned, and can’t see what the comment was directly.

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    Christopher – I agree. GovLoop definately is geared more for Feds – and those individuals in DC. I’ve seen quite a few state/local people join, but they don’t remain active.

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    –Make the Twitter updates feed into GovLoop instead of the other way around

    –Allow users to see comments in the email instead of having to click on the link (sometimes it takes time to get back to GovLoop when you’d like to see the comment right away)

    –Connect with groups with similar goals like Young Government Leaders, Federal Communicators Network, AFCEA…whoever wants to help transform govt!

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    Steve Ressler

    @G2R – great feedback on welcomes & photos

    Heard s/l issue before – lots here but may need to carve out clearer space

    Comments on email…its coming but a great one

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    Maybe GovLoop could have three big forums – one for Feds, one for Staties, and one for local government. The general forum area could be for all, but then we could all retire to our separate libraries to commiserate with others at our level of government.

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    I like this idea.

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    I second these ideas too. I’d like to see Young Government Leaders more active. Part of the problem is that each agency has its own blog. It’s getting tough to get around to them all. Although I don’t feel free to express my personal opinion in official blogs.

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    Adriel Hampton

    We do have a lot of sub-groups, but they aren’t so well trafficked. The hard part is if you splinter discussions, they tend to die off fast. Challenging!

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    Steve Ressler

    Follow-up question tied to it:

    What are your biggest problems you face in your gov’t job? And career?

    Perhaps govloop can help…

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    Matthew W

    As a government professional and graduate student, I would love to see comprehensive bibliographies (and I’m talking scholarly literature and government docuents) here in certain areas, like:

    1.) Open Government

    2.) Electronic Government

    I do see some of the policies and procedures in certain areas of the site, but an updated document… a bibliography, in a sense, would be AWESOME.

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    Steve Ressler

    I really like this idea.

    Like a
    -1 page document?
    -wiki page?
    -List like on

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    How about listing members by interest, and not just by name. Interest categories could things like procurment, communications, research, election administration, personnel, etc. Then folks with common interests would be able to connect more easily than by searching 33,000 name alphabetically.


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    Adriel Hampton

    Oh, great one!

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    Terrence Hill

    Another good idea!

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    Sam Allgood

    It would be neat to have a map to show other GovLoopers in my area. This type of functionality might promote area meetings to meet and greet.

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