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    Terrence Hill

    As you probably know, OPM just released their Annual Telework Report to Congress. It shows that we are making slow progress in telework. However, there is much more room for growth.

    What can agencies do to increase the number of teleworkers?

    IMO, agency heads could issue a statement supporting telework, provide the technology that enables telework, and recognize supervisors who support telework, as well as other workplace flexibilities. What do you think?

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    David B. Grinberg

    In case you missed it, there’s a good article today by NextGov:

    Why Aren’t More Feds Teleworking?

    Here are some reasons, according to the article:

    • “While infrequent telework can help agencies achieve certain goals like emergency preparedness, it’s well-known that agencies will not realize the full savings from telework in areas like real estate and energy unless more federal employees telework more frequently.”

    • “…while the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act set firm requirements for agencies in counting eligible employees and drawing up telework agreements, it did little for agencies in terms of measuring results.”

    • “…the same obstacles that hindered telework before passage of the 2010 law are still there…from managerial resistance to ineffective training to inadequate technology.”

    • “…concerns about how federal employees working from home will be perceived by taxpayers, many of whom hold stereotypes that federal workers are lazy, overpaid and have lavish benefits.”

    Okay, so what should be done going forward? The article says:

    • “To improve participation going forward, agencies will need to begin holding managers more accountable for expanding telework, a goal that could be achieved by measuring telework goals as part of a manager’s performance review…”

    • “Better and more consistent training is also needed, as is the need for professionals in areas like human resources, IT and real estate to begin coordinating their activities…”

    • “Agencies also need to determine how to better measure telework participation and its return on investment – two areas that are not likely to be stable and consistent until at least 2014, when OPM is scheduled to deploy an automated system across government to more accurately assess employees’ telework habits…”

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