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    Terrence Hill

    Today is National Fun at Work Day! It got me thinking about whether we ever have fun at my workplace (no comment). Wouldn’t it be nice to work where they actually have fun? I think about workplaces like Google, Apple, and others where they actually have fun (at least it looks that way from the outside in).

    How can WE make the Government workplace more fun? Any ideas?

    I have to admit that I don’t have much experience in this. Probably the most fun I ever had at work was when I was able to travel to the field offices to learn about where the “real” work takes place. I miss those days!

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    Terrence Hill

    Southwest Airlines employees have mastered the art of having fun at work. Here is a great list of 10 ways that Southwest has fun at work:

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    Peter Sperry

    My office is already a fun place to work. It is one of the reasons I am not particularly impressed with telework. I actually enjoy coming in, interacting with my colleagues, sharing stories, laughing at the absurdities of government and bouncing ideas off each other. Fun at work is internal to each of us. If we do not bring it, no amount of phony management game playing will make it happen. If you want to have fun at work:

    1. Be there on a regular basis and be part of the team. Loners who hide on the other end of a phone line or rarely come out of their office/cubicle miss out on a great deal of human interaction, most of which is fun.

    2. Have a sense of humor and point it at yourself first. You do not need to be a clown at work but a dry wit combined with a sense of the ridiculous and an appreciation for irony can lighten the day.

    3. Accept any work request from any person that does not interfere with a higher priority. Just keeping busy actually makes the day go faster. Plus people are grateful for the help and everyone’s mood is better.

    4. Remember it is not a perfect world. As James Madison said: “If men were angels, they would need no government.” And we would all be out of a job. So appreciate and laugh at the worlds imperfections. They keep us employed.

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    Terrence Hill

    Good points Peter! It is up to each of us to make the workplace fun! We are launching our annual fitness challenge in my office today, which reminds me how much fun it is to workout with my co-workers. Also, it can be a lot of fun to be part of a intramural sports team at work. Fun and fitness go hand-in-hand!

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