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    Steve Ressler

    I’m curious to see how people got their current job:

    -Through USAJOBS

    -Through state or local government agency job site

    -Former co-worker, friends, etc?

    -Other job sites? Monster/etc?

    How did you get your current gig?

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    Jamie Peacock

    I saw a posting on my grad school listserv for a SCEP position at the National Library of Medicine. After completing my degree, I was hired on as a Fed-Perm. Doing the SCEP was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made.

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    Scott Collins

    Through the city website and through a lot of hustle and networking.

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    Carol Davison

    Through cold USAJOBS applications. I was most qualified and eventually got the job a year after I applied.

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    Steve Ressler

    Weird…how do you get access to “hidden” postings?

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    Steve Ressler

    What was the time from seeing the opening to getting gig?

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    Steve Ressler

    How many applications did you submit? I’m always curious as a lot of people tell me they sent 2 and are shocked to see didn’t hear back. I tell them it’s a numbers game

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    Elena Corona

    I was “recruited” by someone who already worked there and then went through USA Jobs, which was such a cumbersome and confusing, somewhat random/haphazard process. I suppose I was lucky I made the “certs” as I know of others just as qualified who didn’t.

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    After being laid off from Citibank in 2008 and diligently applying on for 15 MONTHS (that is NOT a typo!), I was networking at a community service event and was told about an FCIP announcement that had gone out from HR (key word- NETWORKING). I applied, interviewed and was hired into HR as a Management Analyst in the now defunct FCIP program (Federal Career Intern Program). It is now one year later- I just got promoted as well as converted to Career-conditional status and I am the happiest Fed employee anywhere! 🙂 As part of my ongoing duties, I now do presentations internally and externally where I provide guidance and tips on how to get a job in the Federal Government, and for those who are already ‘in the fold’- how to maximize job searches on to advance current careers in the Federal Government. I am living proof that while difficult, if you truly want a career in the Federal Government- it will come to pass. The key is networking. If I had sat in the house during my period of unemployment having a pity party- I never would have got in. I didn’t just rely on I went out and made it happen and others can too!

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    Jim Reed

    Old school newspaper classified ad, but that was 10 years ago.

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    Nicholas Charney

    Was teaching a course at Leadership Across Borders (LAB) and the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) on Social Media to a group of senior executives, 6 months later, I’m working in one of their offices on modernization. I literally just walked out of a presentation that included TED clips, podcasts, youtube videos, the long tail, and policy implications.


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    Was told about the position, and applied through the state’s job board –!

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    kathy kyle

    good ole’ usajobs!

    i applied in may and got the job in july.

    (don’t hate!) wink.

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    Scott Primeau

    Through the state government job site, 7 1/2 years ago. I was applying for jobs fresh out of college and landed an entry level, data entry position. Thanks to a lot of support from managers and working on building knowledge and skills, I’ve been fortunate to advance through several positions since then.

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    Candace Riddle

    Through GOV LOOP …. BOOM!

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    debra lynn kronfeld

    Thru the COOP program in high school.

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    Jenyfer Johnson

    I got my job at Shaw AFB from a friend’s referral. I was working at Mare Island Naval Shipyard at the time, which was a BRAC base in 1994, and looking to relocate to the East coast. My friend has applications on the East and West coast and was offered a job at a base in WA state that morning and accepted, when she received a call from Shaw AFB that afternoon for another job. She told them she’d accepted another job but referred them to me. I sent them my SF-171 and had the job 2 weeks later.

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    Wendell Black

    USAJOBS, simply the best!

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    Steve Ressler


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    Doniele Ayres

    I was a contractor and searched USAJobs looking for something stable. Went to the interview, the director told me I was ‘overqualified’ for the job but hired me anyway!!

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    Steve Ressler

    Nice…How was the USAJOBS experience?

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    Carol Davison

    I an interviewed for my GS-13 within days of applying. For my GS-14 I applied, they hired someone who lefts me 80% of her budget. After the customers complained about her they hired me without interview about a year later. But I am highly productive performance and development program producer and write well.

    Back then HR was receiving 60 applicaitons for each job. Now we receive 480 AND have made it a two step process, both of which make it harder. (I’ve missed the deadline for sending in the second part of an application twice) I’ve sonsulted with others on how to be more competetive. For example, I can’t just say I was director, I must say that I hired, recruited, assigned, performance managed, disciplined, developed, appraised, etc. Also, there are fewer GS-15s Training Officer positions available.

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    Carol Davison

    I don’t understand that philosophy myself. It seems that the more … applications you throw up against the wall, the more likely some will stick. However, I also heard of one guy who cpomplained that he sent in 3,000 applications in three years, about three a day, and HR kept disqualifying him. Unbelieveable. Even if what he said were true, they must have been of extremely low quality because of the small amout of time alotted to each one.

    I also don’t see USAJOBS as cumbersome, and it took me 3 hours to apply because you needed my transcript, DD-214, KSA, etc, complaints. As a taxpayer I hope that we are carefully screening the majority of people out of government service. How else can we provide say, the VA with the most highly competent OR nurse possible? Also government has lots of paperwork, waiting, etc. if you don’t care for the recruitment process you probably won’t enjoy working here.

    People also complain that no one gets back with them. I apply for one job and move onto the next. They will contact me if they want an interview. Why waste my time, email and mailbox communicating with people who don’t want to hire me? I move on to the next applicaiton.

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    Glenn R Moore

    Applied via USAJOBS

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    Steve Ressler

    thats great..

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    Moki Bluvas

    The real question is: “how did I find myself in the Forest Service?”. My current job i got working up the ranks in said dicipline.

    The the real answer is: college career center. I was looking for options for my “capstone” experince and wound up doing a summer internship for the Pike National Forest as a Motorized Trail Crew Member. Once you are in the system and know how the systems works it is easier to start moving forward. USAJobs is a decent place to peruse, but still in my mind if you want a job it is best to do a face to face with the person you want to work for. It builds credibility and recognition when the hiring person can put a face to a name whilst looking over hundreds of apps. Food for thought. Granted some hiring processes these days have removed the final decision from the hands of the person who really needs to have the final decision, or at least some input. But that is another topic. Cheers

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    Tracy Fahrion

    I was also “recuited” by a former co-worker. I feel very blessed to have obtained a job straight out of college that 13 years later I still find both satisfying and challenging.

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    Chirag Patel

    You have a great story to tell. I wish I can say the same thing. I was MPH student a few years back, my FCIP for a student position was referred but never selected. Since 2007, I have been applying at CDC, HHS, EPA, FDA you name it but haven’t had opportunity to even interview. Still have hope, one day it will get through. I have been networking, career fairs, and social networking sites which certainly have increased my contacts. Joined local Medical Reserve Corp. and trying to volunteer in Public Health. I don’t know what but may be my chiropractic background, lack of exp. in biology is playing role. Don’t know. FCIP has been discontinued, last year many of my application were referred to manager but now the site is down. Don’t know what happened to the applications we already submitted last year? Frustrating. Any other suggestions welcomed to gain a position in Public Health. Prepared to go extra mile to enhance my skills, even internship or volunteer work would help. I am certainly encouraged by your story. Thanks a lot.

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    Daniel Crystal

    Through USA jobs, but before I applied I went through a “course” on how the federal system works that was taught by the state of Maryland’s POAC program, which is run by the state’s DLLR (Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation). Even though I’m a vet, found it immensely helpful to have someone teach me how the federal hiring process actually works, and how to write a federal resume.

    I probably applied to 40 or 50 federal jobs over the course of three to four months, and heard back from 3 or 4 of them. After I accepted my current job, I still had to wait two months for my initial background investigation to clear, even though I already had an active security clearance through the DoD.

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    Krista J. Roche

    Through USAJOBS – my first and only application for a federal job.

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    Tony Edwards

    I followed up on a USAJOBS announcement for a student trainee positions for disabled veterans. I should be converting over this coming fall. Now I have become a college junky and will also start graduate school for my MPA in the fall.

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    Chirag Patel

    Wow, congrats. Super super lucky or Super super smart, you must be both. I am happy for your achievement.

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    Krista J. Roche

    Thanks so much! I think I was very lucky that there happened to be a position that was a great fit for my previous experience as well as my future goals. I took lots of time on my KSAs, did a lot of interview prep/research, and avoided applying for positions that weren’t a strong match to my abilities.

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    Tammie Shipe

    Without my knowledge one of my college professors passed on my resume to my Agency (I was his Teacher’s Aide). I graduated with my undergraduate in June 2001 and started in the SCEP program as a GS-7 in July 2001 – I worked almost full-time while earning my MBA (2003). Then was hired on to a permanent posistion.

    Fast Foward, and look at me now! I’m still at the same Agency, same organization, held several different positions and a GS-13. I do have veteran’s preference (10-point), but don’t think that has helped me get any positions — all on my professor’s referal.

    I feel very blessed and fortunate to have the job that I have.

    I also met my husband at work and we now have a beautiful / wonderful / active 19-month daughter.

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    Steve Nakazawa

    Through USAJOBS. I applied in December 2009, received an offer in March 2010, and started on May 10th 2010. Apparently 6 months from application to start date is considered to be quick, especially since I never worked at my office as a contractor. Since I came from the contractor side of the fence I was used to applying, being interviewed, and receiving an offer within 2-3 weeks, so 6 months felt like an eternity!

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    Heather Krasna, MS

    Holy mackerel. I’ve been receiving trainings from the Partnership for Public Service on federal hiring for years, and have read (and even written) several books on federal hiring– and haven’t heard about this! Thanks for sharing. I suppose this is something HR folks are only allowed to do for SCEP/STEP positions because they aren’t required to post them publicly on USAJOBS. I wonder whether this will be allowed under the new Student Pathways programs? I’m going to have Juanita Wheeler of OPM on my campus next week and will be asking about this!

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    Heather Krasna, MS

    Are you sure you’re customizing your resume with enough keywords to be found best qualified?

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    Heather Krasna, MS

    I’m not a fed– I’m in public (state funded) higher ed. For the last 2 jobs I’ve gotten, I was referred by a contact and/or through informational interview networking, plus submitting strongly tailored cover letter and resume. But of course state and local hiring, and higher ed hiring, is apples and oranges compared with federal hiring.

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    Syed A. Mohani

    I got my current job through USAJOBS!

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    Stephanie Slade

    Heard about it from someone who worked here at the time 🙂

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    Just to dredge up an old thread, as I just ran across it …

    I was working for the Navy when I fell subject to a RIF. I had 20 years HR experience in the USAF, taught it at the collegiate level for 6.5 years and hold an advanced degree in HR Administration yet was told by my HR service center that I wasn’t highly qualified to apply for HR positions under PPP. It was shear numbers, over 500 applications on USAJOBS in a year’s time and then I finally landed my current job by networking. After getting hired, my boss confided she wouldn’t considered my had it not been for that networking push. I was interviewed in August and in place in December. That was considered quick as the position had been gapped for 7 months by the time I arrived. It’s an ugly and frustrating business. I’m still getting updates to jobs I applied to via USAJOBS over a year ago. Most recently last month I received an update from a job I applied to Jan 2009 to let me know I was being considered. Thanks TSA!

    Working overseas has it’s benefits but may get caught later when I try and return without any return rights. C’est la vie!



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    Joy Muhammad


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    Anthony E Gracey

    I received my current term position through networking. I was referred for the open paralegal position by another paralegal who formerly served with me on the Board of Directors for the local paralegal association. She came across my half completed profile on Linkedin and heard I was unemployed at that time.

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    Kanika Tolver

    I applied USA Jobs. I had one phone call interview and I was hired!!

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    I got my current “gig” through USAJobs. Cannot really call it a gig because I have been in the job for two and half years.

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