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    jensen breck

    Hi everyone,

    Everyone keeps saying “budgeting is important, set a budget”.
    I have no idea how. I don’t spend my paycheck away, basically I pay my mortgage, monthly expenses of utilities, insurance, etc.. and whatever else is remaining goes into my savings/checking accounts with near %0 interest. (This is after mine and wife’s ROTH and my Traditional/SIMPLE IRA, and after fixed amount per month set aside for son’s college fund)

    I am not a big spender and most of our spending is just daily groceries, etc, occasionally eating out, shopping etc.
    I feel like if I budget, I will spend more, so I just try to avoid spending as much as possible, but I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything. I don’t go and buy a new TV because mine is old, I’ll replace it when it dies.

    Any suggestions?

    Also you can check this

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