How Do You Break into the ‘Boys Club’?

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    Steve Ressler

    We got this question in a recent career online training.

    Important question that I know many folks face and also have come up with solutions

    How do you break into the ‘boys club’ when you are a girl?

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    Robert J. Newman

    The question my co-workers always ask (male and female) is how to break into the “girls club”.

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    Brenda Dennis

    I’m going to resurrect an old topic here! Coming from two different government agencies that are typically male-oriented and traditionally run, I would say that anybody working in those environments needs to pay attention to their behavior. Behavior that is seen as outside of the standard is not going to get any of us to move up. Mistakes I have seen women make is taking direct conversation negatively or overly personally which can effect people’s perception of us. Being able to accept feedback, and discuss things directly rather than indirectly can go a long way with acceptance.

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    Anytime we have a hiring action in my organization we convene a panel for the interview. The members of the panel are normally reviewed and approved by our EEO shop. A typical panel will have a woman, African-American (male or female) and a white guy. Our director is currently a woman and we have women in many of our executive level director positions. Perhaps you could seek out a senior level woman leader in your organization for mentorship.

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