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    Shannon Kennedy

    A few friends of mine were talking about our music collections the other day. We were thinking back to the huge collections of cds we had collected over the years. We still have hundreds of tap cassettes at my parent’s house, and I have a few friends who are vinyl collectors.

    How do you collect music? Do you still purchase CDs/vinyl, or do you prefer to download albums via your high-speed Internet?

    The majority of my music is in the cloud. The only downside is when I don’t have an internet connection, or a slow one.

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    Jeff Ribeira

    Personally, my music collection is all digital (or soon to be). I had a pretty hefty cd collection in the past and am currently in the process of ripping all of them to my home desktop computer. Call me a music hoarder, but I like to have at least one copy of everything I own on my hard drive, and then from there, I’ll upload certain albums or artists to my phone, mp3 player, or cloud service for remote listening.

    I am a big Spotify user as well, which is kind of a new way of “collecting” music, but the collector inside me still wishes I owned many of the albums I have in my playlists, just for the sake of owning them and having them on my own personally-controlled hard drive. I like to feel in control of my music collection and many of these new streaming services just don’t really provide that security. Is that weird? Anyone else like that?

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    Downloads! I like paying per song verses entire album.

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