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    David Dejewski

    Human beings seem to have incredible abilities to adapt and overcome. From Mount Everest to the Mariana Trench, helping thousands in Haiti to getting yourself across the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon, humans overcome challenges.

    How do you deal with seemingly impossible challenges?

    Pick a category below for ideas or make one of your own. Explain the challenge you face or have faced and how you are dealing or have dealt with it.

    Sample categories:

    The Boss – when the biggest obstacle you face is your boss or your boss’s boss?
    The Co-Worker – when that co-worker is always in your face, not cooperating, or otherwise causing you grief
    The Budget – when everything else came together, but there just isn’t enough money?
    The “Faux” Budget – when everything else came together, there really is enough money, but somebody SAYS there isn’t enough money to get you off their back?
    Yourself – when you seem to be standing in your own way
    Group Think – when those around you all seem to be on planet Mars together.
    Complacency – when it would be so easy to make things better, but no one seems to care enough to do anything about it
    Continuity – when momentum is really moving, but an administration or leadership change brings changes in priorities that derail your project
    Agility – when things are just waaay too complex, causing everything to slow down around you
    The Policy – when you can’t do something that makes sense because some dumb policy stands in the way
    The Faux” Policy – when you can’t do something that makes sense because someone SAYS there is a dumb policy standing in the way

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    Bob King

    The Boss – Explain the problem and solution, using an example or analogy if applicable. If that fails, and the issue is critical, move up the chain – either through or around – to the next level until someone takes action.

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    Carolina Laverde

    Yourself– When things get too complicated and I started feeling overwhelmed, I disconnect for an hour or two and go for a run, take a yoga class, meditate, or do something thoughtful for someone else. Anything to help me remember that life is awesome and there is no sense on beating myself up.

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    David Dejewski

    You are clearly not the kind who gives up easily. I bet resourcefulness and persistance are two of your strengths.

    Your answer has me wondering… did you ever encounter a circumstance where The Boss didn’t accept your problem/solution combo because he/she either wanted additional perspectives (other than the one you provided), or simply prioritized your problem/solution combination off of his/her radar (e.g. other things were deemed by The Boss to be more important to address at the moment with current resources)? If so, was the rationale explained by The Boss? How did you handle that?

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