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    Happy Earth Day, GovLoopers!

    As you can imagine, people have been posting a lot of great information in honor of Earth Day, including these blogs:

    We also have groups where you can engage in an extended conversation about these topics in addition to this forum, check out these GovLoop groups:

    Of course, there are also initiatives from EPA today, like their “It’s My Environment” Video Compilation. And so we set aside this one day a year to honor our planet….

    But what do you do every day to show respect for our environment?

    Eager to hear your thoughts…

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    There’s plenty of special offers going on, which may benefit you and the earth.
    Check out what companies are offering this Earth Day. 40 earth day deals

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    Richard Fong

    I take the bus to work everyday!

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    We recycle like it’s our job! The city-issued trash bin can never keep up!!

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    Kathleen Smith

    Let’s see, Earth Day every day:

    Compost all food scraps
    Don’t print out if I don’t need to
    Turn off all unused equipment including TV and stereo
    Expand my comfort range for temperature so I am not constantly turning on the AC or heater
    Only use certain appliances when the sun is shining since I have solar panels
    Only eat local, seasonal food
    Grow my own food

    Next steps
    Expand my farm
    Start vermicomposting
    Walk more
    Recycle some equipment that is just gathering dust

    Happy 40th Earth Day!
    Use metro or walk

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    Kathleen – you rock! A model citizen of the Earth!

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    Noel Carr

    At my office, we recently launched an initiative Yes We Can. It encourages all employees to collect aluminum can tabs which in turn will be donated to local charities so they can receive the proceeds. Yes We Can also educates the employees and emphasizes the importance to the environment to recycle the rest of the can.

    Aluminum is one of the few items in the recycling chain that is easily recycled over and over again keeping them out of overgrown landfills. Meanwhile charities benefit from receiving can tabs because they’re smaller and easier to clean allowing them to handle the large volume they receive.

    Small cups for tab collection have been placed on each employee’s desk and central collection bins have been placed in high traffic areas around the office serves as a reminder for employees to recycle the tabs.

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    Clever! What “Yes We Can” used to mean at the Krzmarzick household when I was growing up was that we had just received a bulk supply of cucumbers, corn or tomatoes from a farmer and we were pulling out the old mason jars for a family project. 🙂

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