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    Shannon Kennedy

    Improving performance and accelerating productivity is key to excelling in today’s environment. How are you and your organization approaching your professional growth and career goals? GovLoop, in partnership with Management Concepts, wants to know! Share your experiences with the GovLoop community:

    Take This Quick Survey then come back and talk about your responses!

    As a result of your participation, Management Concepts will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project™ for each survey respondent.

    While the survey allows for a quick answer, I think it’s worth having a broader conversation.

    • How has your job/workload changed in the past year?
    • What kinds of learning opportunities would help increase your performance in your work environment?
    • Are you planning on pursuing any additional education or training in the next 2 years?

    Share your comments below!

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    Megan Dotson

    I feel like my job role and workload changes on a daily basis — but it is only because I enjoy taking on new challenges and testing out new things. My day is also dictated by my inbox — so if you need to reach me or get my attention just scream louder than the email that comes after yours 😉

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    Carol Davison

    Thank you Management Concepts for contributing to the wounded warrior project!

    Does growing horizontally count? I am trying to become kinder and less judgmental as I grow. I was challenged by my participation in the ELDP. This year I decided to always pick the road I had less traveled on spiritually, emotionally, intellectual and physically. It’s been an awesome year!

    I would like to see the Government develop non judgementalism in its staff and hold people accountable for mitigating conflict at the lowest level.

    I will undertake any training and education I can get my organization to fund, or even use my own time and money if its a good enough opportunity.

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    Suzanne Salichs

    Good survey for a great cause. I am interested in seeing the results of the survey.

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    Terrence Hill

    I think it is great that Management Concepts is donating $1 to Wounded Warrier for each survey respondent. These are great questions and I look forward to seeing the results. I forsee a drought coming soon when it comes to training funds. However, we have a great oasis in the internet, if agencies can just loosen the reins a little. I learn most by engaging with the internet, attending webinars, and other online excursions. I tend to shun traditional classroom instruction (too slow and flashbacks to public school) and online courses (too boring).

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