How Do You View Online, Embedded Content from Slideshare, Issuu, etc.?

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    In a lot of my training workshops on how to get started with social media, I recommend that organizations can get in the game a bit more quickly by converting digital newsletters to embeddable content. For instance, you can upload a department of recreation newsletter to Issuu and embed it on your web page or upload a briefing to Slideshare for sharing and viewing on a screen – often a snazzier way of seeing it than a PDF alone.

    But I’m curious to know how you, personally, consume this kind of content (which offers a sense, ultimately, of how citizens view your content).

    How do you primarily view online, embedded content from Slideshare, Issuu, etc.?

    a. View on the page where shared.

    b. Click / view on original platform where uploaded.

    c. Download / view on device.

    d. Download / print / view in hard copy.

    e. Other (please elaborate below).

    Thank you.

    NOTE: Yes, in a cruel twist of irony, I attempted to embed 5 different types of polls here and none of them worked! ;-p

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    Steve Ressler

    Me – C.

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    I’m a “c” myself. I find it hard to read the actual embeds…but I do think they are a more attractive way to display and replicate content.

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    Patrick Fiorenza

    C and D if I need to edit / markup the text.

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    Pam Tremble

    A combo of C and E. I use an app called Pocket that pulls just the text from a document or webpage, saves it to my reading queue and syncs it across all my devices. Then I can read it later – either online or offline, on whatever device I happen to have with me when I have a spare few minutes.

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    Rob Nectan Schell


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    Henry Brown

    C: Primarily however have been known to use A, B, and D on occassion

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    Sarah Young

    I don’t view it because those sites are blocked on the network. I would much rather have a simple PDF file or HTML page that I could actually read.

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