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    Later this month, I will be delivering two, half-day Residential Professional Seminars geared toward Administrative Professionals in Ocean City, MD and Destin, FL (click here if you want to sign up). Here’s the title and description:

    Accelerating Your Professional Elevation with Social Media

    You might meet your next boss at a social event. But what if you could make powerful professional network-building connections every day? You can. This session will show you how to capitalize on social media tools like Facebook, GovLoop, LinkedIn and Twitter to accelerate the velocity with which you meet new people and establish yourself as a go-to (gotta-hire) resource.

    I have some ideas as to how I would present this workshop, but I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences – Who knows? Maybe I’ll use your examples in the workshop!

    1 – How do you use social media to do your job better?

    2 – How have you used social media to advance your career?

    UPDATE on 8/23//11: Based on feedback in this forum and elsewhere, here’s the guide I developed to accompany the 3-hour workshop…would love to get your thoughts on it:


    View more presentations from GovLoop.

    View more documents from GovLoop

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    Gary Vaughan


    It is serendipitous that I will be giving a similar presentation on “Social Media Tools for the Busy Professional” at 40Plus in D.C. on August 29 based on my own approach and “system”…Details at 40Plus link here. Anyone welcome to attend, but please let me know, since space is limited.

    Happy to exchange feedback on our respective presentations as they develop. Sorry i will miss yours in Ocean City – by the way, I was not able to detect a link in your original post to sign up for the seminar…but seminar title and focus sounds great!



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    Good catch, Gary! I just added the link above…which is found here:

    I’m still developing the content, but it’s mostly based on what I’ve read and learned through GovLoop – so it’s a crowd-sourced presentation on how to crowd-source your career development. Hope it draws a crowd.

    Very meta, eh? 😉

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    Chris Poirier

    1 – How do you use social media to do your job better? Well this one is simple, it doesn’t..because I can’t use it. Would it? Maybe, though it’s hard to know for sure as I am unable to access the types of content that would benefit me in my current position. Though I can log-on to LinkedIn and spend my day looking for jobs that might actually allow me to utilize the technology. (how ironic is that?..and no..of course I don’t spend ALL day doing

    2 – How have you used social media to advance your career? This one I can answer a bit: The simple answer is that it allows me to network with like minded people in the areas I wish to advance my career. This is huge. When trying to look for that next step in my professional career, it allows me to integrate with companies, people in the careers I’m interested in, best practices, etc. It has also given me a location to showcase my talents and create portfolios of my work etc.

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    Stephanie Slade

    I’m job hunting right now, and I’ve found social media to be extremely helpful for networking purposes. LinkedIn and Twitter in particular have helped me connect with a bunch of potential future employers.

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    Tell me more, Stephanie – basically, is it the case that you don’t have someone’s email, but you can find them in those places as a more immediate connection?

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    Justin Kugler

    1. We use social media to directly connect the public with the work that is being done on the International Space Station. Twitter allows us to have two-way conversations, while a blog dedicated to science on the ISS allows us to push more robust content out. I was also one of the presenters at the STS-135 Tweetup.

    2. I volunteered to lead the social media effort in my office and partner with the other people doing social media at Johnson Space Center. I was given an achievement award from the ISS Program for doing this and, as a result, my management actually added social media to part of my job responsibilities. This has put me in front of senior NASA management and helped build my reputation as someone who both gets the job done and supports our outreach mission from Congress.

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    Stephanie Slade

    In some cases I don’t have people’s email addresses, but I can find them on Twitter and @-message them that way. But email is itself a powerful tool that I use as well (a lot). Social media just give you additional avenues for connecting with someone. Maybe my resume wouldn’t stand out as much if I hadn’t already followed the person on Twitter or been introduced on LinkedIn. Or, once I’ve met a person, maybe they’ll be more likely to remember me (and think of me when a job opens up?) if I make a point of finding them online as well.

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    Excellent example, Justin – and congrats on the award!

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    Where are your go-to spots to connect with like-minded people, Chris?

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    Chris Poirier

    Totally agree with this approach, it’s mine as well.

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    Justin Kugler

    Thanks! It was a pleasant surprise, for sure!

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    Chris Poirier

    It’s a cross section:

    1.) GovLoop (totally a plug, but a legit one!)

    2.) LinkedIn (Their groups are great for finding things that interest you, professional organizations, etc. You can also follow companies you are interseted in, see who you know, who’s in your extended network, etc.)

    3.) Twitter (follow trending topics on your areas of interest, then follow people..opens a lot of doors via mutual interest in topics)

    4.) Google+ (I’ve been using my google+ to link to those i know on other networks or follow people who blog a lot of topics i’m interested in professionally. Provides for an interactive topic location that is not pinned down by 140 characters.)

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    Gary Vaughan

    Andrew, great questions and discussion by all! Here are my own answers:

    • Advancing career: social media has helped me broaden my career “branding” and personal network beyond my principal focus on SharePoint governance consulting. It has helped me to expand my “reach” to KM, ECM, project management and open source software collaboration options. And i find all of these optics useful in my SharePoint work in project management and user adoption.
    • Doing job better: since i am in the IT field, using social media tools and tracking new IT tools and trends is really part of my job, and hence useful to me or my colleagues.

    My challenge in using the tools is how to monitor and post on the margins of a full work day. A daily social media discipline helps, ideally early in the morning, plus smartphone monitoring throughout.

    I also try to be selective in using a few core tools: LinkedIn, Twitter, Typepad blog, Govloop, various feeds i get by hotmail (whose email alerts, along with Tweetdeck, i also use to monitor discussions), plus Delicious to archive key reference links. In addition, I do periodic BlogTalkRadio shows to interview key leaders in my field.

    Sorry that it looks like our two presentations overlap. Your Grad School course sounds like it will be great…and it certainly has the more attractive venue!

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    Sonny Hashmi

    I first heard about my current job vacancy via Twitter 🙂 So I can say without any reservation that Social media has helped my career in a significant way.

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    Kanika Tolver

    I wish I could find a Social media driven job within the federal government. HELP

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    Hi Everyone – Thanks for your feedback! I just updated the post above to include the material for the workshop. Take a look and let me know what you think!

    The first thing I noticed: I need to add “Justin’s Story” and the thoughts from Gary… 🙂

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    Gary Vaughan


    I just got a chance to review your slides – great job, and I am sure it will be a super course!

    I thought that the mix of how-to’s for various social media tools combined with user stories, exercises and scenarios was very effective. I also picked up some tips that I plan to use myself – e.g. tools such as Google Alerts, or thinking conceptually about various “circles” of acquaintance or familiarity with your contacts.

    I am almost done with my slide deck for my 40Plus presentation on social media tools, and happy to share this as well with you and other GovLoop colleagues.

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