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    Calista Rollogas

    The flu is in full force this year. A recent article I saw on Forbes reports that over 2,000 people have already been hospitalized from the virus this year.

    This time of year often results in two situations that I try to avoid at all costs. The first is being down a man (or two) with deadlines looming and business continuity at risk. The second is going into the office healthy and leaving infected as a result of a coworker, and then becoming the cause of the first situation.

    Many organizations and agencies already have disaster preparedness/business continuity plans in place, but how many are using these plans as a way to keep operations running when half the workforce is out with the flu?

    A recent article from Polycom’s FedUC suggests that using technology like video teleconferencing can allow employees to work from anywhere and keep organizations and agencies on track, even when employees are sick, or attempting to avoid sick coworkers.

    How has your agency or organization responded to the flu outbreak? What’s the best way to address the inevitable scenario?

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