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    Elliot Volkman

    As many of us are aware, if you have one social media account, it’s likely you have another. Generally if you have a Twitter account, you will also have a Facebook account as well.

    How many accounts do you have to juggle on an average day?
    What tools do you all prefer to use to manage these? (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.)
    I’m always attempting to improve my efficiency on these sites without stretching myself to thin, which constantly becomes a possibility with the introduction of new technology (like Apple’s Ping).
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    Stephen Peteritas

    It’s more fingers than I have to count. What’s the real killer is having the duplicates that separate work from personal on the same services. The log in log out get me every time.

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    Molly Walker

    Everyday (or at least Mon-Fri) I use the following:

    * Twitter via TweetDeck- I am the voice behind @FierceGovIT @FierceCM @FierceCIO (and my personal account @mollsiebee)
    * Facebook is strictly for personal use and accessed by my Android App
    * Govloop (via the web) is a crossover for personal/FierceGovernmentIT use
    * Enterprise Mobility Forum is a crossover for personal/FierceMobileIT use (via the web at
    * LinkedIn for personal use (via the web) – profile

    … yeah, I’ve got my hands full! I also check up on the comments on the various publications I work on ( being one of five)

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    Molly Walker

    I would welcome any tips on how I can be doing things more efficiently!!

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    The answer: 10. Elliot, I’m still looking for the tool/app that will help me with all (or most).

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    Twitter (7 accounts) I use Hootsuite and really like it! (2 professional org, 3 personal, 2 dogs) @Hal_Good @NPI_purchasing @NPI_conference @PADutch_descent @Fierce_Moderate

    Facebook (2 accounts) 1 personal, 1 professional org, (NPI)

    GovLoop Groups: A&E – Public Works Construction Contracting , National Purchasing Institute , Procurement 2.0

    Linkedin (2 accounts 1 personal, 1 professional org, (NPI)

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    Henry Brown

    I have Twitter that recently I started managing by Tweetdeck, only because my RSS Feed would not handle Twitt feeds, I have several Linkdid groups that I belong to and then there is GovLoop as far as my “professional” accounts. In most cases I only use Twitter and several of the Linkdid groups for additional sources for GovLoop.

    Have a Facebook account that is 99% for personal use, have considered a couple of times setting up a second facebook account for professional use but the magic term is “time”

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    Elliot Volkman

    You all make me feel a lot better about having 10 different accounts to manage. I personally use a combination of Hootsuite, Twitter’s Web application, my iPhone and Google alerts for my website.

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    Total accounts has to be over 100…

    But I only actively use 10-15 of them in a given day/week.

    Tools = Twhirl for Twitter…but I’m moving to Seesmic since it has a GovLoop integration!

    I also have apps for a lot of these on my Android phone.

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    Let’s see… FB, LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace (no, I haven’t closed out my account yet), Twitter, Google Buzz, Ping, and, of course, GovLoop! I’m sure there are a few others that I created accounts for and forgot about. But, really, I mostly only use FaceBook and GovLoop. My Twitter account is set to send out headlines from my Google Group, but I never actively check it. I would be very interested in hearing how people integrate all of these social media outlets and use them for personal and/or business purposes.

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    Sam Allgood

    Twitter, Facebook (pers acct + 2 group pages), LinkedIn, GovLoop.

    Also, I use Plaxo and Skype for staying connected.

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    We’re going to be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 29 from 2pm – 3pm featuring HootSuite. I’ve included additional information below.

    HootSuite Community Marketing Director, Dave Olson, will team up with Michael Edson of the Smithsonian to give an overview of the HootSuite social media dashboard and how agencies can use the tool to manage their social media efforts. Examples of best practices and lessons learned from the Smithsonian’s use of the tool will also be shared. Visit the course page for additional information.

    Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
    Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET
    This is a FREE online webinar!

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    Adriel Hampton

    Dozens. I like HootSuite, and I like hard work.

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    Lara Coffee

    Too many to count.

    But, the ones I use on a daily basis are as follows:


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    Tom Le Veque

    Twitter (3) – @ArcadiaPD / @APOAVoice / @TRLeVeque
    Facebook for personal and to admin our PD page
    PD and POA Blogs, both on Blogger
    Hootsuite / also apps via Android…
    And, try to contribute to &

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    Amy Adams

    I work on a Mac and always have Safari open and logged in to my personal:
    – gmail
    – Facebook
    – Blog

    I have Firefox always logged in to my work:
    – Blog
    – CoTweet (personal and work, where I’m the voice of @CIRMnews)
    – Facebook
    – Flickr
    – YouTube
    – Google analytics

    My blog entries, new videos and new images are automatically posted to twitter and Facebook via Twitterfeed, as are my organization’s press releases and newly posted public meetings.

    Many of those are also automatically sent to email lists via MailChimp RSS feeds.

    I tried once to document how all the accounts interrelate and gave up.

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    I use twitter, facebook, plurk, picasa, youtube and I use Posterous to coordinate them all.

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    Caryn Wesner-Early

    Andrew – I use Tweetdeck, but since it doesn’t have any way of keeping track of what I’ve Tweeted myself, I’m thinking of changing. I’m told Hotsuite has that – does Seesmic?


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    Elliot Volkman

    Caryn HootSuite does have a panel to view tweets you sent, in addition to a spot for tweets that are scheduled to be released. It’s a very useful tool!

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    I address issue this by using two different browsers – IE for work and Firefox for personal. I’ve also used it when needing to tweet to different accounts.

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    Amy Adams

    Me too. I’m often logged in to our website as two different people using different browsers as well. On one I’m an admin and on the other I’m just a visitor. I’m always me on Safari, and the voice behind my organization on Firefox.

    It’s still confusing.

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    Elliot Volkman

    Have you tried using one of the free applications like Hootsuite? It allows you to import several Twitter accounts into one so you don’t have as many things open. Although you just need to be very sure the tweets are going to the right account.

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    Christine Lehmann

    I have a personal account on Facebook and set up a test government page that is linked to my personal profile and I can only access when I sign-in to my personal account. I want to set up the government page with a different account using .gov email address which I assume I can do by creating an official page and listing myself as the official representative. The question is how can I get rid of the first govt page (they’re identical) linked to my personal profile. Has anyone had experience with this?


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    Amy Adams

    Within Facebook, you can go in and add another administrator to that government page. Add your govt address (linked to a Facebook account) as a new administrator. Then, when you have tested administering that page when logged in as your work self, you can go in and delete your personal account as administrator.

    You are essentially handing off administration of that Facebook page from your personal self to your work self. This is also what you’d do if you wanted to add colleagues as administrators.

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    Christine Lehmann

    Thanks Amy for replying so promptly. That seems to work!


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    T. Carter Ross

    Actively, I use Facebook and Twitter (with personal, business and mixed business/personal accounts for each), LinkedIn, GovLoop, MySpace (mostly for keeping up with bands) and Foursquare. For most of them (unfortunately not GovLoop) I use the Yoono plugin for Firefox. It pulls in updates from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and more; you can update multiple accounts from a single field; and it includes IM clients for AIM, GoogleTalk and other IM channels.

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    Boo for Android! Go iPhone! 🙂

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    Charles Harden

    Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, GovLoop

    Sadly I don’t have that many, but hey, I’m staying productive on what I have!

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    Drea Ciarrochi

    Thanks for the Hootsuite idea! I just added all of my (countless) accounts to it and am very pleased. I liked not having to download anything and I was up and running in moments.

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Hootsuite is amazing. I still use it even though I don’t have that many accounts anymore just because there layout is so clean.

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    Judy Connelly

    Right Elliot. Hootsuite gives you a great dashboard where you can easily access many of your social networks all in one screen. You can pre-schedule comments, though that isn’t always the best way to communicate but works great if you are going on vacation or a business trip and won’t have the time to get online.

    Ping works great too if you want to blast the same message out to all of your networks, like an event or occasion!

    The key is to set a time limit that you allow yourself to be on your networks, and stick to it. Set an alarm if you need to and when it goes off, close down the browser! On-line networking is awesome, but it still doesn’t beat face to face communication.

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    Steve Ressler

    Just added Instagram and Path…ahhhh

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    Jaime Gracia

    TweetDeck and Ping are great ways to manage my accounts, which are numerous.

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